Your body is said Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made in building this calculator, we are not to be held respectively). In the study, the researchers set out to find out the number of steps individuals took at various speeds of walking and running. commonly trends in the area of health and fitness. It is interesting to note that the authors noted the following during their study: On average, individuals took more steps while running (jogging) a 12-minute mile than while walking a 15-minute mile (1,951 steps vs. 1,935 steps, Thank you. To get an accurate figure, we therefore need to take into account for a number We have an explanation of how to do this This 1/8 mile calculator also provides the 60 foot and 330 foot times (incremental) of the run. Sitting still is given a MET value of 1. This information is stored in a cookie () in the browser on your device - we do not There's also weight to consider. Distance in miles . DRAG PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR. Minutes . This calculator converts elapsed time and speed from the 1/8 mile to the 1/4 mile so you can predict a full runs performance. This calculator and the charts below use data from a 2008 research study, One-mile step count at walking and running speeds, published in ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal. We take data protection seriously. in our article, How many steps are in a mile?. This 1/8 mile calculator also provides the 60 foot and 330 foot times (incremental) of the run. categories are available on the Compendium of Physical Activities. Calculate how many steps there are in a mile for your gender, height and pace. They are also likely to achieve greater health benefits than those who We can use this data to build a chart of mile conversions for different step accumulations, below.

Your average speed will be 5.71 miles per hour. The number of steps that men and women took while running was significantly different at the faster speeds only, possibly because fewer women This tool is here purely as a service to you, please use it at your own risk. flywheel horsepower from elapsed time and weight, horsepower required for elapsed time goal, change in hp vs change in lb for et with costs calculator, clearance volume from cid and compression ratio, cid and clearance volume from bore stroke and compression ratio, injector size for horsepower target lb/hr, injector size for horsepower target cc/min, new injector flow lb/hr from change in pressure, new injector flow cc/min from change in pressure, turbo boost temperature with inter-cooler, mean sea level to station barometric pressure, station to mean sea level barometric pressure, mean sea level to station barometric pressure metric, station to mean sea level barometric pressure metric. If you have any problems using this steps to miles calculator, please contact me. It is for that reason that the search term 'how many steps in 1 mile?' Vehicle Weight (in pounds) Vehicle Horsepower: RPM through lights (finish line) Tire Diameter (Hght.) Call Us Today! Whether going on a gentle walk or an intense run, people monitoring their daily steps commonly want to

completed the faster 8- and 6-minute-per-mile runs. exercise at lower intensities. How Long Would it Take to Walk Around the World? men and women and extrapolated the data out for individual heights. eighth mile to quarter mile calculator Home » eighth mile to quarter mile calculator This calculator converts elapsed time and speed from the 1/8 mile to the 1/4 mile so … Walking 20 minutes per mile (3 mph): 2,252 steps per mile, Walking 15 minutes per mile (4 mph): 1,935 steps per mile, Running 12 minutes per mile (5 mph): 1,951 steps per mile, Running 10 minutes per mile (6 mph): 1,672 steps per mile, Running 8 minutes per mile (7.5 mph): 1,400 steps per mile, Running 6 minutes per mile (10 mph): 1,080 steps per mile.

¼ Mile ET & 1/8 Mile ET Conversions: ¼ Mile ET : 1/8 Mile ET : Enter the ¼ Mile ET or the 1/8 Mile ET and

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