Check the chart for more details. An acre foot is a unit of volume commonly used in the United States in reference to large-scale water resources, such as reservoirs, aqueducts, canals, and river flows. 90 Acre-feet to Gallons (u.s. Fluid) = 29326628.5714. To design the correct aeration system it’s important to know the acreage, dimensions and volume of your lake or pond. 70 Acre-feet to Gallons (u.s. Fluid) = 22809600. It is equal to exactly 43,560 cubic feet, or to 325,851 U.S. gallons, or exactly 1233.48184 cubic meters. 3 Acre-feet to Gallons (u.s. Fluid) = 977554.2857. acre-foot = 1 : acre-foot: 1 = 12 : acre-inch: 1 = 1.2334818375475E+24 : attoliter: 1 = 10344.489795918 : barrel: 1 = 7758.3673469388 : barrel (oil) 1 = 56067.35625216 : bath (Biblical) 1 = 522720 : board foot: 1 = 35003.24587755 : bushel: 1 = 33916.009074488 : bushel (UK) 1 = 1009212.4125389 : cab (Biblical) 1 = 1233481837.5475 : cc: 1 = 435.6 : ccf: 1 = 123348183.75475 : centiliter: 1 = 5606.735625216 Finally, to determine the "acre-feet" of your pond, multiply the surface area in acres by the average depth in feet. There are a number of ways to measures things and in general, knowing what to measure is as important as knowing how to do it. 2 Acre-feet to Gallons (u.s. Fluid) = 651702.8571. The result equals the volume of your pond in "acre-feet." These pond and lake volume calculators help take the guesswork out of designing an effective aeration system. For example, if your pond is one surface acre with a 4-foot average depth, you would have 4 acre feet of water (1 x 4 = 4 "acre-feet"). 1 cubic meter is equal to 0.00081071318210885 acre foot, or 0.0097285581853061 acre inch. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Divide by acres in field to get inches applied per acre Meter Reading in Acre-Feet x.001 Water Pumped, Ac-In = (Ending Meter Reading - Beginning Meter Reading) x 12/1000 Divide by acres in … acre foot or acre inch The SI derived unit for volume is the cubic meter. 1 Acre-feet to Gallons (u.s. Fluid) = 325851.4286. Do a quick conversion: 1 acre-feet = 325851.427 gallons using the online calculator for metric conversions. 80 Acre-feet to Gallons (u.s. Fluid) = 26068114.2857. It defined by the volume of water necessary to cover one acre of surface area to a depth of one foot.

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