Mentos Chewy Mint Candy Roll, Mint, Non Melting, Party, 14 Pieces (Bulk Pack of 15) - Packaging Ma… Talenti (Mildly Recommended)"Fresh flavor blast, and so creamy." The bitter dark chocolate counteracts the sweet peppermint filling and gives a nice earthy flavour, while the peppermint fondant has a refreshing sensation that some testers found a little perfumed in taste. It has a dark cocoa aroma with a light minty undertone. We thoroughly enjoyed the earthy, bitter cocoa flavour, which marries well with the sweet and refreshing peppermint filling. Strong in aroma, the fresh peppermint is the main note, but testers also picked up a slightly earthy bitterness from the chocolate. Testers found it to be nicely balanced in flavour, but the chocolate seemed to take a backseat against the sweet and chewy peppermint fondant layer. The dark, cold days and the lead up to Christmas makes us want to indulge. With its classic semi-matte, rippled chocolate coating, it has a well-rounded peppermint aroma with cacao notes. The best dark mint chocolate. Thin in texture with a good crisp snap to it. The filling is nice and smooth, and the chocolate retained a delicate snap. A rustic and imperfect wafer-thin peppermint disc with a slight earthy bitterness from the chocolate and a balanced peppermint aroma. One for the ultimate mint lovers, this glossy peppermint thin has dark chocolate ripples with a fondant filled centre. Glossy dark chocolate with textured swirls and a thin layer of fondant inside. Here is the list of top 10 best chocolate and candy brands and varieties in the US. Testers found the peppermint oil tasted slightly artificial with the chocolate lacks quality taste. Our Editors Researched the Best Mint Chip Ice Cream Brands, and Here's What They Had to Say Overly sweet, with an unbalanced taste, we found the dark chocolate wasn’t bitter enough to counteract the incredibly sweet peppermint fondant layer. Buy the best after dinner mints to impress your guests. While the mint flavour is delicate against the crunchy sugar crystals, there is a nice lingering peppermint flavour with a good sweetness too, We liked the glossy ripples on this shiny square peppermint thin. Testers were pleased with the ratio of chocolate to cream filling and found it beautifully balanced in aroma from the fresh peppermint and the slight bitterness from the dark chocolate. A pleasingly bitter dark chocolate aroma, we were unable to smell any peppermint aroma at all. The aroma is mostly of bitter dark chocolate, with a very slight hint of peppermint. "Tastes like actual mint found in … Testers found the bitter dark chocolate was delicate, but some felt the subtlety of the peppermint resulted in a bland taste. Sugar crystals enrobed in mint chocolate add a delightful crunchy texture to this peppermint thin. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Where to buy the best ready-made roast potatoes, Best flavoured smoked salmon for Christmas, Best dessert centrepieces for Christmas 2020, Daylesford Organic Dark Chocolate Peppermint Thins, Prestat Intensely Dark Chocolate Thins Zingy English Mint, by Sainsbury's Mint & Dark Chocolate Fondant Thins, Good Housekeeping, Part of the Hearst UK Fashion & Beauty Network. The chocolate had a great snap and the filling was smooth and soft, Handmade, matte and round in appearance, it is delicate with a rich, dark bitter cocoa aroma that has been likened to coffee. We did however, enjoy the lovely crisp chocolate with its chewy centre, Asda Mint Thins: 68/100 £1.50Cartwright & Butler Dark Chocolate Mint Thins: 67/100 £12.00Montezuma Cool Peppermint Dark Chocolate Dainty Dollops: 66/100 £7.49, Betty's Lady Betty Chocolate Peppermint Creams: 66/100 £15.95, Bendicks Bittermints: 64/100 £5.00Holdsworth Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fondant Cremes: 63/100 £8.00Charbonnel et Walker Fine Dark Chocolate Bittermints: 62/100 £15.00, Harvey Nichols Mint Chocolate Thins: 61/100 £12.95, Foundations and concealers for flawless skin, The best long sleeve dresses to buy right now, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Cartwright & Butler Dark Chocolate Mint Thins: 67/100 £12.00 Montezuma Cool Peppermint Dark Chocolate Dainty Dollops: 66/100 £7.49 Betty's Lady Betty Chocolate Peppermint Creams: 66/100 £15.95 The aroma is very strong from the peppermint, with testers finding its intense minty flavour overpowered the chocolate. We would have preferred a better balance of flavours and found the dark chocolate overpowered with its earthy bitterness, leaving the peppermint flavour unrecognisable. Our GHI Cookery team have the perfect recipe bound to satisfy your guests. Cartwright & Butler Dark Chocolate Mint Thins: Betty's Lady Betty Chocolate Peppermint Creams. However, if you’re too pressed for time our expert food testers tried 18 different after dinner mints to find the best. The 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar is heavenly for dark chocolate lovers. The aromas of the bitter chocolate and peppermint oil are both subtle. Our testers enjoyed the texture of the smooth filling and velvety chocolate but found there was too much chocolate to fondant. I, however, prefer dark chocolate and especially dark mint chocolate and am on a constant mission to find the brand with just the right smooth dark chocolate offset by a subtle but not too subtle flavour of mint. Some flavors include mint, lime, orange, milk, black currant, white coconut, toffee crunch, almond, pineapple, cherry, chilli, caramel, Wasabi, strawberry, coffee, etc. Under Lindt comes the famous Lindor, a chocolate bar first introduced in 1949. We enjoyed the smooth firm snap of the chocolate, A shiny dark chocolate with a glossy wavy design. Peppermint is a popular choice as a digestif, as it's known to help with digestion, and combining this fresh, aromatic herb with chocolate makes a great sweet treat! I think I may have struck gold with these Charbonnel et Walker dark chocolate mint thins. Incredibly subtle in flavour, our testers could hardly taste any peppermint coming through, with the dark chocolate having a nice rounded taste. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Rustic in appearance with a smooth, thin and slightly shiny disc of chocolate. An all-round delicious after dinner mint with its glossy exterior and smooth peppermint centre. Whether a thin disc of shiny peppermint chocolate or a peppermint thin filled with a fondant centre, after dinner mints are the perfect nibble after a heavy meal. We enjoyed the light and smooth chocolate with its creamy texture and satisfying snap. The overall texture is pleasingly soft and chewy with its signature chocolate snap.

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