More mangoes are sold worldwide than any other fruit, and for good reason, they taste super nice. Never been a fan and if I don’t have a bottle of Tajín handy, forget it, I will pass on mango every time. breaks down iconic dances and choreography from everyone’s favorite music videos. That was then, and this is now. Smell-wise, the White Claw Tangerine is shockingly close to the actual smell of a freshly peeled tangerine, and the flavor is not unlike — and this is going to sound slightly wrong — an overripe tangerine. Make no mistake, there is nothing “natural” about this drink, as soon as you pop open a can, you’ll be greeted by the familiar smell of fake-ass lime. The smell isn’t “natural” and it doesn’t taste like fresh-squeezed lime — though it certainly tastes more natural than the smell would lead you to believe. There are a range of flavors to choose from, but which White Claw flavor is the best? If you don’t like White Claw Black Cherry, you probably just don’t like hard seltzer to begin with. It’s advertised with the tagline “Made Pure.” Now if that doesn’t sound like some Gen Z #brandspeak, what does? Whether you like a slice in a gin and tonic or prefer to stomp a slice down into the neck of a bottle of cerveza, lime works with alcohol. Twitter users are already getting hype over the announcement: With the new White Claw Variety Pack hitting stores near you where alcohol is sold, you can get a taste of the Tangerine, Lemon, and Watermelon now. Sometimes you are in the mood for a beer, sometimes you want to go for a really nice wine. Anacostia River bad.” -J.T. What does White Claw taste like? Thirst quenching. Beginning Thursday, the new White Claw flavors will be sold individually and in a new 12-can variety pack. While they're all very different types of flavors, most White Claws are sweet, crisp, and yummy. The smell isn’t “natural” and it doesn’t taste like fresh-squeezed lime — though it certainly tastes more natural than the smell would lead you to believe. Of course, if you’re over the age of 30 there’s a high chance you just don’t get White Claw. Don’t beat yourself up about it, you probably never will. (october 22) 6:30 pm - (november 26) 7:30 pm Zoom, October 22 (Thursday) 6:30 pm - November 26 (Thursday) 7:30 pm, 29oct(oct 29)6:30 pm03dec(dec 3)7:30 pmVirtual Adult Jazz with Maurice JohnsonPresented by CityDance POP! “Blech. They regularly listen to the feedback of their ‘audience’ and actually do requests. In fact, the drink may not even contain anything derived from an actual cherry (apple and grape are often used to mimic other fruit flavors cheaply). I feel like I’ve been here before. Natural Flavors, according to the FDA, can mean anything from plant-derived essential oils to any product resulting from roasting, heating, or enzymolysis (using an enzyme to extract flavor from a natural compound). White Claw is arguably the most popular hard seltzer on the market today. No dance experience required! White Claw offers several things that you won’t find in your standard alcoholic beverage. This is the tops baby. The former is an improvement over the latter in every way — the taste is more subtle, it pairs better with White Claw’s alcohol base, and the scent is refreshing and less floor-cleaner-esque. White Claw mango was one of their real hits, and for a time you’d have really struggled to get hold of it, such was its success. It’s truly earned its designation as a “Hard Seltzer” and as a stand-alone drink. When popping ... White Claw Watermelon. The smell is reminiscent of watermelon Jolly Ranchers and the overly candied flavor has an unappetizing flat after taste that lingers on your palate way longer than it’s welcome. White Claw described the flavors when the brand shared the news. The answer is because the Mango White Claw is fire, so shut up, drink it, and stop asking dumb questions, Cousin Greg. “Natural lime suggests there is an unnatural lime out there, which is the kind of dichotomy D.C. thrives on.” -J.T. It’s a bit like when you order a “fresh margarita“ only to find out it’s made with sweet and sour or margarita mix. To this end, it is safe to say that this flavor more closely resembles a ripe watermelon. The kick of the alcohol doesn’t do much here, it just kind of muddies the flavor of the grapefruit — making it not as refreshing as a La Croix and not as good (or effective) as grapefruit soda with a splash of gin or vodka. What I’m saying is, tasting White Claw Watermelon will disappoint you, but coupled with the smell, it won’t surprise you that it’s this bad.

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