The calm elk sounds of a contented herd of cows and calves, or an estrus whine during the peak of the rut can convince a bull you are what he wants to hear. Solo archery hunting -- tips for calling/set up? You will quickly be mastering the unique simple hinging action of the Elk Reel. Mag. While bulls may bugle at any time, this activity most commonly begins a few weeks before the rut and lasts a few weeks after the peak of the rut. Try notes that start a middle pitch and stay at that pitch for a couple seconds. thank you for the great tips on hunting elk. Use 2 minute 5 minute and 10 minute breaks between your calling. Easy to learn and not be a push button monotone with no volume control. High pitch calf talk is a snap. Solo archery hunting -- tips for calling/set up?

Cow sounds can also be very effective, if done intelligently. It does seem that some cows get extra pumped up with the gyrating, wavy calls they make when they are ready to be bred. Its one of the reasons that calls need to be variable to duplicate this to add realism.

", Tim, AZ: "This morning, she was 145# (Bealeton, Va). Where to hunt in Az unit 3B?, by Cliffjumper (Tucson, Az) ~ I got a late bull muzzle loader hunt in Arizona unit 3b. Here you will find dozens of elk recordings of all varieties of bull bugles, grunts and chuckles. Do you want information about the different types of elk calls that you can use when you are hunting? We have covered Calf noises in a separate article so we will stick to Cow Elk sounds in this one. How often should I use my cow call?, I am new to the sport of bow hunting elk and my question is how often should I use my cow calls? However there is no doubt they do make a lot of different sounds and they communicate, those are fact.

Is there anyone that has hunted in any of these units and can give me some friendly advice? Feedback from our customers has 100 percent confirmed that fact. Make a full closed position to open sliding note mew and then a half open whine at the end of it to suggest the Cow Elk is becoming impatient. Bull elk … Our Elk reel is the best call to learn from scratch or to add something new to your well polished calling game. Sound Effects for your Enjoyment. First time elk hunter hunting Arizona unit 6A, Unit 60 Elk 4th Rifle Season Nov 13-17 Either Sex 2013. I wish I’m heading this way.” “I’m right behind you!” (OK. Let’s not get carried away.). Sometimes elk get quiet and all you might here is a subtle grunt and chuckle sequence, particularly once the day heats up, or human presence makes the bulls a little more cautious. There is a lot of disagreement in the elk calling world. A Locator Bugle is a relaxed bugle made when bulls want to let other elk know where they are and find out where other elk are. could go on forever here, I just get so excited talking about elk and I don't I'm planning on staying in the Pine Grove campground... Help needed for 1st DIY Hunt w/Son, by Patrick (Parker, CO), "I was looking for some advice on my 1st DIY hunt for 2014 in CO with my 13 yr old son. It's a fall morning at Mammoth Hot Springs. I just wanted to thank you for There is a very long recording of a lost elk calf that walks up close to the microphone (in response to a hunter making a cow call). Read and Watch Calling Elk In Close Go to How and When to Call Elk, from Elk Recordings Page Go to Introduction to Elk Calling page Go to Elk Hunting Calls Review page. Yellowstone National Park, WY Many elk hunters only get to listen to elk on a rare annual hunt, if they are lucky and skillful enough to get close. (Az) The key to calling in a herd bull is to get into his bedding grounds and threaten his herd. Tristan, Superior, CO: "I feel like I The biggest problem is doing it too much, or outside the rut. Popcorn VenisonPopcorn Venison with Maple Syrup? You guys are amazing!!!". (Az) The key to calling in a herd bull is to get into his bedding grounds and threaten his herd. I wish There is a very long recording of a lost elk calf that walks up close to the microphone (in response to a hunter making a cow call). Bring love of the pursuit of such a hard to kill animal and love to learn about them and you will find more success! How often should I use my cow call?, I am new to the sport of bow hunting elk and my question is how often should I use my cow calls? When you stop they are more likely to be moving towards you looking for the herd or cow they hear. No bugling will be discussed. They remind us of skiers that used to ski on straight skis. Please subscribe to or our Quick Elk Hunting Tips and Updatesnewsletter or to an RSS feed (see left column for both) to be alerted whenever new information is added to the site. How to Make Elk Sounds It would serve us well to learn those nuances.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Elk Nut's instructional elk communication resources discuss all of the elk sounds much more thoroughly than we can do here. Elk and Deer Hunting and Mountain Bikes, by Skip Shepherd (Tucson, AZ)~ At 67 I am thinking a lot about investing in a mountain bike to get back into remote areas... Solo archery hunting -- tips for calling/set up?, by Idaho Steve

There is so much on technique that we will break that stuff down further in future articles. P. Scott, (BC 2016) "I would like to thank my hunting partner for the great company & this website for the wealth of information that I have gleaned & also the gear bought as every bit of info etc. Study your hunting spots. Be like them and don’t just call constantly. I finally got drawn for a late elk hunt in Unit 28, north of Road 506 and south of the boundary line of the Lincoln National Forest... Northeast Nevada Early Elk hunt, by John

Mature cow elk often have a raspy ending to their mews. There is no exact cadence because all elk are different. know many other hunters… Thanks again for the gear, and the website. It is renowned from the best guides and outfitters to the first time elk hunters who have tried it as the best elk call on the market. First time elk hunter hunting Arizona unit 6A Bull Elk Bugle Sounds. Pick out three sounds you’ve now observed Cow Elk make through your media device make and try to imitate them.

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