These books are perfect for aspiring concept artists who want to study the work of professionals.

A rare treasure in the world of gaming is Okami.

This is the ultimate collection of artwork from every single Deus Ex video game in the series.

and Let's Go, Eevee!

It spans the typical length of 192 pages of artwork from the Industrial revolution era in London.

It’s the perfect art book for fans of the Fallout series or anyone who enjoys the design of unique RPG/adventure games. Industries such as car manufacturers and the animation industry, most famously Walt Disney used concept art before drawing the cartoons you all know today his first published animation using concept art being ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’. Destiny relies on a heap of inspiration from science fiction to classic fantasy and postmodern artistic ideas. Also Available. However the industry’s need for concept art really broke through with the breach into 3D design. Concept art will almost always be made before producing a game.

It’s actually a full historic archive of Zelda from the very first game up to modern times. The beloved video game series Halo spans well over a decade of video game history.

The others will just be discarded.

Oct 15, 2020 - For those amusing RPG's still fermenting in my mind. For KH production artwork I’d recommend the Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania which focuses solely on concept art from all the games. The Art of the Video Game was the very first art book to celebrate video games.

There are literally dozens of FF artbooks that focus on single games in the series. You get everything including character art, environments, weapons, vehicles, creatures, costumes, and anything else you could imagine. And Also. I haven’t read any serious complaints about either of these books so they’re both well worth the purchase if you’re into Kingdom Hearts/Square-Enix concept art. This artbook focuses on one of the newest titles Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Send us your drawings for a chance to be featured. Every piece of art is labeled and categorized for easier browsing. I couldn’t leave Final Fantasy out from this list.

This is notably a brilliant collector’s item for die-hard fans of the Fire Emblem series. The game industry really emerged into the visual world shortly after the release of the Atari 2600 in 1977.


This is vital information for anyone looking to get into concept art. It’s a must own title for any true Zelda fan. 01.17.19. Powered by. 19.

Their history dates back to 1987 and shows just how much an independent game studio can grow in a few short decades. But the artwork is incredible and well worth the cost.

It should be noted that the Japanese version of the Bravely Second art book is a better purchase than the westernized version. This tactical RPG offers a metric ton of rare concept art packed into this 400-page compilation.

Books. Valkyria Chronicles follows the traditional Japanese RPG style so the artwork follows the common artistic vision found in Japanese gaming. This is a must own book for anyone interested in the gaming industry.

Bethesda Games put together this hardcover artbook of Fallout 4 with production art for one of the most ambitious games in the company’s history.

This title was first released in Japan and with enough pressure from western audiences it was eventually translated into English.

You get lots of concept art plus essays & interviews with staff members. The concept art in this book shows how much effort was put into the concept creation.

These were published before the release of FF XV so there’s no say when artwork for future games will be published. inspired and discovered through one's own "wasted" moments of dreaming and trying new ideas. I’ve talked about how Concept art is useful for saving time for developers to establish exactly what they want the game to look like, and how it gives the artist a chance to try out a lot of different ideas and see what they look like etc. This book is just shy of 400 pages full of rare production art, concept art, interviews and other cool resources.

It was set in Neo-Paris (Paris in the year 2084), so you can probably imagine the sorts of modern video game art that this book holds. Art books offer a hidden peek behind the curtain into the work of industry professionals at AAA game studios around the world. The game industry also releases concept art to the public as a way of advertisement. There isn’t as much written content as I thought.

This is the concept art of the Villa Cloud in Costa del Sol from Final Fantasy VII. Mass Effect may not offer concept art that appeals to everyone, but it offers a unique glimpse at current video game concept art techniques.

Artists can learn a lot by studying the works of others. The book totals 280+ pages of beautiful game art from environments to characters and props found in the game world.

It’s not a traditional RPG but it does have a solid mix of RPG, adventure, and fantasy influences. The Mandalorian Concept Art by Nick Gindraux.

Environments in this book are exceptionally beautiful with detailed artwork for interiors and exteriors. but there are many other uses and advantages of concept art. The Art of the Last of Us makes a great conversational coffee table book. CGMA | 10% Discount Code and Save The Date. Shop for concept game at Best Buy. More than 52,000 artworks.

Last(but not least) we come to Bravely Default. Subscribe for game recommendations, clips, and more.

10 Best Video Game Art Books: The Ultimate List, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved.

The book includes rare concept art, rough sketches, storyboards, wall pin-ups, and tons of interviews.

The Art of Remember Me is published by Dark Horse (so you know its pages are of the highest quality), and it perfectly captures the dystopian society contained within the game.

The game has a very unique art style so there’s something to be said about studying this concept art. Capcom Unity. The cities re-taken by nature create fantastic artwork, and The Art of the Last of Us delves into the character model design as well as some great concept art from the production of the game. The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening spans 320 pages of beautiful concept art from the game. ... Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released several concept art pieces for their highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive... by admin.

But I would only recommend this book to fans of the Okami series. This spans the typical length of an artbook with 184 pages.

This fairly large book combines all the rare production art into one big tome of concept art inspiration. The book is freakin’ huge and it costs about the same as every other game art book.

BioShock Infinite first came out in 2013 closely followed by The Art of Bioshock Infinite.

Fandoms are very important for games, when players and game enthusiasts like a certain game, they will create a fandom, and they will buy merchandise for that particular game including posters, t-shirts, key rings, etc. Merchandise with concept art is a good way for the game industry not only to make a profit but also to build up a fandom. You can find copies of Final Fantasy artbooks for every single game in the franchise.

Be sure to check out any titles that catch your interest and pick up copies that you wanna add to your collection. In this showcase, I’m featuring top 15 concept artists brushes and you can download them for free.

See more ideas about Game concept art, Concept art, Game concept. Creative directors work to build a consistent world with believable characters and scenery, and this is certainly true of this creative team.

6/07/16 9:00AM • Filed to: fine art. The majority of its acclaim comes from its incredibly creative post-apocalyptic world that has spectacular design. You get lots of artwork but also interviews and tips for creating brilliant game worlds. The Art of Bioshock Infinite contains BioShock concept art and designs from the production of the game, including how the Sky-Hooks came about. ( Log Out /  You get a peek at the rare worlds behind each Halo game with commentary from artists. there will usually be a certain level of realism that needs to be maintained like tone, depth, perspective, form and colour. Concept art is a form of illustration that is used by computer game artists so they can visualise and communicate their ideas to other people.

Blizzard is a prime example of brilliant game design. This art book has absolutely everything you would want to see from the Professor Layton video game production pipeline. Games such as Halo and Fallout are famous for how detailed the concept art for their locations and ‘movie’ clips are. This is an example of a poster for Diablo 3 that is available as merchandise for the public to buy. Another enormous company is Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the expansive series World of Warcraft. The eyes are a lot smaller in the sketches and the height slowly seems to decrease.

Personally I think that without his use of concept art to help him clearly develop his ideas, the profit margin wouldn’t have been so great.

You get reprints of book covers, comic book pages, marketing materials, and other related production artwork. Perfect for the many BioShock fans out there. Science fiction comes to life in Mass Effect with multiple games now published in a growing series of titles. The website ‘Deviant Art’ is very popular among gamers. A free tileset + animated characters + weapons + others. Concept art helps formulate this in the first place.

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