Is there such thing as being “too old” to drink milk? I'd been looking for a chocolate-hazelnut taste like Nutella or Ferrero Rocher, but without the hydrogenated oil in the Nutella spread or all the sugar in the Ferrero Rocher candy. If your doctor has told you to restrict your saturated fat intake, then choose products made without hydrogenated oils, butter, lard or eggs - such as non-hydrogenated olive oil, nut oils and avocado oils. Even if creamers claim that they contain no trans fat, that’s only because they’re allowed to round down to zero by the FDA. I can use soy or rice milk, soy gets residue for some reason in hot coffee and rice milk is still a little waterey. I would try drinking the coffee black. People eat greater quantities. It may be out of health fashion, but I'm not convinced lard is the enemy of health in all cases. I noticed that most of the commercial dairy or non-dairy creamers seem to have at least trace trans fats. Most powdered coffee creamers have hydrogenated oils, even though they're labeled as having "0 trans fats". I think I prefer the hazelnut. ...hydrogenated oils? Choose non-hydrogenated products made with quality ingredients. Homemade lard (rendered fat back or bacon). Otherwise, you might want to look for alternatives to shortening that do not contain hydrogenated oils. As a health-conscious mother and health-food afficionado for many years, I don't think the diet of your average healthy adult needs to be free of all saturated fats, and definitely not in the case of kids, as studies such as this one, The Effects of Cholesterol on Learning and Memory, demonstrate that children need foods with cholesterol for brain growth. If you don’t like to drink your coffee black, you might add a splash of milk, half-and-half or heavy cream and a spoonful of sugar or sweetener. It's made from organic coconut oil, coconut milk powder, and coconut sugar. However, buying prepared foods and ingredients that are truly "zero trans fat" isn't as straightforward as the product labels would have you think. :(. I found the Quadratini wafer cookies and almost got the Tiramisu flavor until I saw hazelnut - and I had to try them. what would happen if someone drank an entire bottle of crystal light drink mix liquid? Expeller pressed coconut oil (saturated fat). U.S. food packaging laws currently allow manufacturers such as Crisco to say their shortening has "zero trans fats", even though Crisco products are packed with fully and partially hydrogenated soybean and palm oils. The Land-o-Lakes Half & Half Mini Moo serving packages are similar to those half-and half packages you get in restaurants. [Edit August 2010: I've now tried the Tiramisu and there's a sort of odd coconut flavor to it. Fact of the matter is, if there’s partially hydrogenated oil, there’s trans fat, and it’s not something you want to be consuming every morning. The label should say whether it's hydrogenated or not. Products like Natural Bliss, which are essentially just flavored milk, don’t contain partially hydrogenated oils, even though they’re loaded with sugar (five grams in a tablespoon). Non-dairy creamers have, for the most part, been working to cut out hydrogenated oils, but original Coffee-Mate still contains it. I suspect one reason trans fats are more dangerous than animal based cholesterol-containing fats is because they're not as satisfying. animal sources like eggs and meat (in other words, they're not cholesterol-free), and/or, Vegetable shortening made with palm oil - cholesterol free. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Are there any coffee creamers with a shelf-life without either hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils? Certainly nothing makes as flaky a pie crust as lard. Note that store-bought lard nearly always contains hydrogenated oils. The loophole that allows this wording on the package labels is the USDA requirement that the serving size must have less than 0.5 grams of hydrogenated oil. P.S. Transform Weekend Brunch With 10-Minute Blueberry Syrup. With creamer, you kill two birds with one stone because it’s creamy and, most of the time, it’s sweetened, so you don’t need to add extra sugar. That is going to change with the recent FDA decision on trans-fats, moving them into the category of not generally recognized as safe. Is creamer even a superior option to real milk? Nearly all commercial coffee creamers contain partially hydrogenated oils in order to make them shelf-stable, which is a source of the dreaded trans fat, which can lead to some serious medical issues. It would certainly be nice! The three brands contain partially hydrogenated oils loaded with trans fats. But if you must add creamer, check the ingredients to make sure that the word “hydrogenated” doesn’t show up, and that the sugar content isn’t through the roof. I love using cream or half and half in my coffee, but don't always have fresh on hand. Learn what we use for our coffee instead, and try this delicious recipe for Homemade Vanilla Bean Coffee Creamer.

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