The digital media space today is getting increasingly crowded. The surge in video content is hard to miss when analyzing PR trends in 2019. Creating news that promotes thoughtful discussion of your brand is possible by commenting or riding on the waves of current news. Earned social media is particularly valuable when customers share positive sentiments about a brand or an influencer decides to share or re-tweet content. Resources Team Social Media Monitoring With a background writing for hi-tech startups, she is always willing and ready to learn about the next great advancement in the digital landscape. It does this by aiming specific information at target audiences, such as the public… It remains to be seen how the creative minds adhere to these trends while ushering the industry into a new world marked with innovations, authenticity and technological brilliance. Public Relations 3 PR Trends Coming in 2019 Offer 1 Essential Business Lesson Keeping your audience in mind will always be smart public relations. Four Public Relations Trends For 2019 ‘Tis the season to watch for upcoming trends in 2019 — and public relations is no different, as changes in the media industry continue to transform dramatically. Instead of targeting influencers with the maximum reach only, PR practitioners would be looking at influencers with a cult following in their niches. in Historical Studies from The New School. In 2019 those who invest social listening will be rewarded. This has already laid the groundwork for a paradigm shift, where in addition to drafting content, marketers and PR practitioners alike are considering ways of producing content that is semantic in nature and can be discovered by voice activation. In the entertainment industry, Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” video celebrated women’s’ empowerment by showing female celebrities, activists, entrepreneurs and others promoting the #MeToo movement, immigration reform, and water preservation. The deviation from standard music videos led to over one billion views on YouTube. Another study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau revealed that 47per cent of the users who watched live streaming videos also consumed more videos in the last year, as compared to their previous consumption patterns. An estimate by Chief Marketer reveals that 50per cent of all searches by 2020 will be a voice. In 2019, we’re expecting to see a break in the downpour of highly-branded content as it transforms into more authentic content. Earned social media is the modern equivalent of traditional “word of mouth” PR on an exponentially larger scale. Careers Videos continue to be one of the most engaging content pieces online and is essential to delivering key messages to your stakeholders. Guide for Remote Workers, About Us Trevor is an Advertising and Public Relations major with a Sociology minor. PR professionals should focus on promoting positive initiatives, such as social, political and environmental issues. Gen Z, a generation born in the times of internet, relentlessly supports socially responsible businesses and seeks authenticity. Brands need to evolve with the changing personalities of consumers. Erin holds a B.A. Erin is a copywriter based between New York City and Jerusalem. The phrase “content is king” is likely to stick for quite a while longer. It’s been difficult at times to distinguish between content marketing and public relations as more and more brands shift to using content marketing strategies as their main relationship building effort with their constituents. As social media became one of the main ways of communicating with audiences, and posting videos to your platform is easier than ever before, it was a recipe made in heaven for any film majors out there. 3 Reasons Why PR Professionals Aren’t The Worst, PR Conversations with a 5th Grade Teacher, PR Tactics: Reduce the Use, Do Not Reuse, and No Recycling, 3 Project Management Tools You Should Be Using, Event Planning Amidst a Pandemic w/ Kelsi Horn, The Pint Sized Protest: Corporate Social Responsibility with Ben & Jerry’s, PR Hangover, But Make It Advertising w/ Jennifer Meyer. In their annual analysis of trends in business and communications, the10company sees 2019 as a year of influence for employees and consumers. When Trevor isn’t tweeting up a storm or tearing up the PRSSA podcast, PR Hangover, he loves to decompress with friends and laugh the night away. These trends together paint an invigorating picture of the future that awaits the exciting world of public relations, Image credit: This proves to be a concerning trend in the industry as the worth of media relations withers and trust wanes. Media Contact Database In fact, it’s free! Furthermore, earned media provides the kind of third-party validation that customers trust. This proves to be a concerning trend in the industry as the worth of media relations withers and trust wanes. According to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer, distrust for the media continues into the new year. This year Dunkin’ Donuts announced it would eliminate all Styrofoam cups from its stores by 2020, taking a step towards CSR. So, be prepared to get back to basics and create narratives and messaging that are rooted in authenticity. Controlling the narrative is essential to PR and marketing. Online News Tracking Starbucks also announced it is changing its cups to a new design that eliminates the non-recyclable straw. Refer to the above point for some clues on how to further connect with your audience. Keeping up with the rapid pace of the public relations industry exhausts even the most apt of PR pros; but fear not, for I am here, your caffeinated commander and Chapter President, Trevor Bryan. The same is going to shift the focus on niche media outlets, such as Reddit, Nextdoor, Pinterest, letting brands enjoy direct engagement with their audience(s). Public Relations Ground-Breaking PR Trends That are Going to Dominate 2019 These trends together paint an invigorating picture of the future that awaits the exciting world of public relations From PRSSA to GrandPR, the school has provided ample opportunity to explore his major. Being mindful of these trends is key to reaching your audiences. Thus, in 2019, we are going to witness more brands shunning the well-rehearsed, scripted videos and opting for more relaxed, natural-looking live streaming videos. in Literature and an M.A. Pay The median annual wage for public relations specialists was $61,150 in May 2019. A brand’s job is to build trust with its audience that through various channels, including social media, press releases and blogs. … Support, © Critical Mention, Inc. 2020 All Rights Reserved, Critical Mention Launches Podcast Monitoring, 4 Powerful Examples of Earned Media in 2020. Voice-activated devices like Google Home and Alexa are becoming a part and parcel of our daily lives. However, even in the ever-expanding world of videos that also includes original OTT programming, the Live Streaming is going to take the centre stage. As usual, Google leads the way in this area, continuing to emphasize natural, high-quality content in its algorithms. “[This] is the year of power to the people,” … Trevor Bryan is finishing up his third year at Grand Valley, and he’s loved every minute of it. Copyright © 2020 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. In a nutshell, these trends together paint an invigorating picture of the future that awaits the exciting world of public relations. Essentially, your brand gets its message across by displaying its relevancy to the larger world. Luckily, we aren’t anticipating any AI message-making (that’s our job! Privacy Policy Licensed Content Ready for the skinny on what’s #trending in public relations practices? Looking ahead, we should expect more brands to follow suit. Media Monitoring Press Releases In 2019, organizations will continue to create their own takes on current events, getting their messages across from their own unique perspectives. As social media became one of the main ways of … ), but rather AI assisting in day-to-day tasks like media list making and analytics. Broadcast Monitoring Giving more precedence to this trend is the Gen Z entering the workforce and thus exercising its buying potential. The consumers need to know that the brand is authentic and embraces diversity, in order for them to accept the same. Moving forward into the next decade, AI, or artificial intelligence, will be an integral aspect of PR. Responding in real time to concerns or negative reviews is crucial to a brand’s general well-being.

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