formosum, Den. There are over a thousand known species of Dendrobium (pronounced den-dro-bee-urn), the image at above is that of dendrobium thrysiflorum, a native of Thailand and the Himalayas, which can grow into a massive plant bearing many hundreds of blooms; still more are being discovered in the highlands of New Guinea. taurinum. canaliculatum, Den. Dendrobium orchidsDendrobiums come from South East Asia in an area that stretches from Northern India to the islands off the East coast of New Guinea and Australia to Polynesia.The latitude where they grow is important. This often means every year. Please indicate what motivated your visit to our website today, Dendrobium dupa Phalaenopsis spp. Udarea trebuie sa se faca cu regularitate, cu cantitati moderate de apa dar se tine cont de faptul ca intre doua udari trebuie lasata o perioada pentru ca substratul sa se usuce putin. gracillimum and Den. Species such as Den. PHALAENANTHE Evergreen for several years, with thin, tall pseudobulbs, terminal inflorescences, usually appearing in the autumn or twice a year (see culture). These can be removed and potted separately after they have developed good roots or left on the parent plant where they will eventually flower also. loddigesii, Den. Culture Same as Group 1, but winter nights 55 F. Deciduous species need virtually no water in winter. cuthbertsonii (sophronitis). Perhaps not such an easy orchid for beginners. dicuphum and Den. Dendrobium dupa Phalaenopsis spp. Keep barely moist until growth starts again. They make magnificent specimen plants. Dendrobium Nobile Orchid Pests. Temperatura optima pentru o dezvoltare  armonioasa a Dendrobium pe timpul zilei poate varia intre 20-29°C, iar noaptea  intre 18-22 °C. Dendrobium Kingianum or near relatives are the some of the easiest to grow. Un substrat foarte dens nu este tolerat de aceasta planta. Putrezirea coletului cauzata de Pythium spp, boala  apare in conditii de umiditate crescuta (in sera); Fuzarioza (Fusariun bulbigenum) provoaca putrezirea coletului atunci cand substratul nu este bine drenat; Acarienii, in special Paianjenul rosu comun (Tetranychus urticae); Afidele “Paduchi de plante” (paduchi de frunze); etc. Himalayan Dendrobiums from lower altitudes need a less harsh winter but still dry. Ingrasamintele pot fi lichide sau batoane fertilizante cu eliberare prelungita pentru orhidee, sau Osmocote® 9/15/12 + micro. Dupa aceasta perioada planta „revine la viata” prin aparitia de flori noi pe tulpina sau a unei tije florale noi. dearii, Den. Most are large, vigorous plants with long-lasting flowers in summer to several times a year. Dendrobium is a diverse genus of orchids with different cultural needs. stratiotes, Den. lyonii, Den. Long lasting. Warm Culture. The easiest New Guinea plants for beginners are Dendrobium oberrans (cool conditions); D. lawesii or D. antennatum (intermediate); and D. atroviolaceorn or D. bigibbum (D. phalaenopsis) (warm).. Others are yellow and brown, while the recently introduced Yamamoto hybrids have all the colours of the rainbow. L a différence réside dans le fait que les fleurs ne poussent pas sur une hampe florale mais tout au long de la canne par bouquet de trois fleurons à l'aisselle des feuilles : . draconis, Den. Never allow them to dry out completely and feed often with dilute fertilizer. Culture. gouldii, Den. This makes them the second largest orchid genus in the world after Bulbophyllum. Plants will go deciduous if grown too cool and dry. infundibulum, Den. Discover great advice for watering, nutrition, lighting and more. parishii, Den. Culture. Florile pot avea culori diferite de la alb, roz, rosu, portocaliu sau albastru (Vezi fig. Potting (all dendrobium types). The Equator runs through the middle of this territory and here it is always hot at sea level without any seasonal variation. Note If you do not dry and cool the plants during winter, you won't get flowers! “Intotdeauna cititi si utilizati produsul (pesticidul) conform recomandarilor  de pe eticheta”, Fig. Are some of the easiest to grow but can be a little difficult to bloom regularly. nobile a na jsem se dočetla, že se po odkvětu mají výhonky uříznout. falconeri, Den. affine, Den. Cool culture. Please enter your email address so we can send your download link March-May or June: warmer and moister conditions. The climate varies with altitude and in mountainous areas there are cool, wet misty nights and mornings followed by warmer bright days. Proprietati ornamentale: Dendrobium cuprinde plante epifite (dupa cum se traduce si numele dendron-copac si bios-viata= planta care traieste pe alti copaci) avand diferite inaltimi in functie de specie. Congress 2021  »  One to five flowers per node are borne from the nodes of the leafless canes in midwinter through early spring. The Himalayan climate is not unlike a warmer Switzerland, with bright, cold but dry winters. tall and are thin, and often spindly and tough. Bright light will generally encourage flowering, but take care not to get the leaves burned. Species such as Den. este al doilea gen de orhidee dupa popularitate. Dendrobiums like to be in small pots with their roots confined. The pseudobulbs or canes can be any length from 5cm. across, in shades of pink or purple. antennatum, Den. Acesta este adesea format dintr-un amestec de scoarta (pin, molid), fibre de nuca de cocos, muschi (Sphagnum spp.) chrysotoxum, Den. Dă clic pentru a partaja pe Facebook(Se deschide în fereastră nouă), Dă clic pentru a partaja pe Twitter(Se deschide în fereastră nouă), pentru Dendrobium orhidee: ingrijire, inmultire, Putrezirea coletului cauzata de Pythium spp. In functie de specie, acestea au inaltimi, culori ale florilor si cerinte de ingrijire diferite. There are innumerable Dendrobium hybrids and these are almost always derived from species within one group, either Himalayan, Australian or from New Guinea. 2015. These grow well with phalaenopsis, except for the rest period. Culture Summer give warmth (60 to 90 F), medium light, medium quantities of water and fertilizer. Lumina pentru Dendrobium este foarte importanta. Australian Dendrobiums . Culture Growth period in summer; give warmth, water and fertilize heavily from when roots appear until top leaf appears on canes. Culture. Aceasta poate fi amplasata in ferestrele in care soarele ajunge doar la orele diminetii. Such slabs need daily misting for most of the year. crassinode, Den. 1 Orhideea cu flori parfumate (Dendrobium nobile Apollon), Fig. Contact  »  lineale (veratrifolium), Den. friedricksianum, Den. They make magnificent specimen plants. Download a Free issue of Orchids Magazine - Click Here, See membership status and access member-only features here. Culture Depends on the plant's native environment. Substratul (pamantul)  trebuie permita o buna aerare si drenare. este al doilea gen de orhidee dupa popularitate. Give a low strength, high nitrogen feed in April and May, then feed weekly during maximum growth.

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