Here are 10 disadvantages of playing sports. Many sports aren’t cheap, and extreme sports are no exception. While many people believe that extreme sports brings about positive impacts to people’s live, others feel that the opposite is also correct. It ensures the popularity of horse riding will endure for many years to come. It might be long before you meet new people from all around the world who all share the same love for your new sport. BASE jumping and wingsuit flying are probably the most dangerous extreme sports. World renowned free soloist Ueli Steck passed away in 2017 having fallen an estimated 1000m climbing the Nuptse Wall in Nepal. Aside from the fact that it will benefit their health and will keep them fit, it helps them mentally, spiritually and socially also. That feeling of getting into ... Social Gazette is your go to site for interesting, high quality articles about lifestyle, travel and entertainment. That’s the positive side of it. The difference between the two is that speedriding is done over snow wearing skis. The chainsaw is known as one of the most dangerous tools with 30,000 catastrophic injuries a year in the US alone. In my view, cons overweigh pros of these kinds of extreme sports. Heading off on your travels isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, too. The American National Speleological Society defines a “successful” cave dive as “one you return from”. Topic: Pros and cons of extreme/ adventure sports. They typically require pretty extreme settings, and some of us might have to travel far and wide to find them. Many extreme sports push our bodies to the limits. General scuba diving is not without danger – the limited air supply, risk of the bends and drowning to name a few. And how training for activity breaks is well recommended. Breaking waves have immense force behind them, snapping boards – and people – is not uncommon. If you want that thrill (or want to avoid the danger!) And a few weeks later someone else will be going higher, further, faster or bigger…. Unlike motorcycles, horses don’t have brakes, plus a horse has a mind of its own. According to he passed away in 2004 at the age of 52. After climbing higher it’s time for another airbourne sport. Rather rely on yourself than on animals? If we are to believe Sigmund Freud, we all have an instinctual ‘death wish’, a subconscious inbuilt desire to destroy ourselves. Furthermore, in extreme cases, these sports may cause death of a person. Extreme sports give us an adrenaline rush that can be tough to beat. Obviously, the most dangerous extreme sports have a higher level of risk, but that doesn’t stop people from doing them. There is no doubt that traditional sports such as football, tennis and golf are participated in, and watched by far more people than get involved in adventure... Cave Diving, Free Soloing, Speed Flying, Wingsuit Flying. Plus, some areas have banned extreme sports in public areas. From the safety equipment to the training and everything in between, there are often plenty of things to buy to take part in each sport. Also there are always sharks to consider…. ... There’s nothing better than fresh, soft laundry, well, almost nothing. Furthermore, in extreme cases, these sports may cause death of a person. The best bit? If you want a way to feel more alive than ever before and get your heart beating, then why not feel the wind in your hair and push yourself to the limits? It’s all about weighing up the benefits to your own lifestyle to make sure that trying out an extreme sport or two is the right thing for your lifestyle. Not bad odds to risk your life for a thrill… Staying on top of the ocean, and big wave surfing is taking water sports to new extremes. Controlling such a powerful beast and travelling at speeds up to 40 mph is a huge thrill. Required fields are marked *. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This means that many extreme sports bring people together in more ways than others. Do you risk your life for a thrill? In recent years there have also been a raft of deaths from people free-climbing buildings for the perfect selfie. You could be caught by an avalanche while skiing, a shark while surfing, a stray wind while paragliding or even a bolt of lightning whilst on the golf course. But there are plenty of others with high risks. If you’ve found yourself wondering what to do to spice things up, then perhaps you’ve considered taking up extreme sports? There are both benefits and drawbacks of these sports. To summarize, ultimately by taking proper care and by being careful, one can minimize the cons of these sports. Hence, these sports are dangerous. They also wear all the suitable safety gear such as chainsaw chaps (safety trousers) and other protective clothing. Thankfully, many sports have come a long way in the last few years, and many advancements in safety mean that people are safer than ever.

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