And turning makes you slow down like your running through molasses. Simply create and load up a co-op partner character. This game supports English.

Hopefully I didn't make this too confusing for anyone. For more information, see There are no refunds for this item.

Better looking everything from characters to weapons to spells and more. It's simply one of those titles that you play the **** out of until you're bored and feel like underrating it just because it's gotten old to you. Cons: It is harder to gain money is this game compared to the first one but I guess that just means you will be playing longer. A land far, far away: Revisit the newly expanded world of Albion more than 500 years after the events of the original, where you are free to openly roam the countryside.

Sign in with your Microsoft account to view. Fable 1 will forever hold a place in my heart as the best in the series; Fable 2 will always hold a place in my heart for the massive amount of time I've put into it and the fun I've had with it. Download Fable II, the best-selling action role-playing game, in which you take on the role of a Hero in the fully realised land of Albion. Cons: The game was too short in my opinion. Set 500 years after the original game, Fable 2 offers even more choices and features, while building on the core gameplay theme of Fable where every choice continually defines who you become, allowing you to truly live the life you choose. On controller two, hit "A" for "Accept." Fable 2, is probably my favorite RPG. but was still fun to play , doesn't take long to conquer tho.

A week later folks here apparently can't obtain the item, yet it seems to be available for almost full price ? The Xbox LIVE Arcade title will allow gamers to purchase weapons, armor, and more for their hero. Overall a decent addition to any gamers collection. [Lionhead], Fable 2 (working title) Official Trailer 1, A truley amazing game.. despite what most people say about it, its amazing so much to do it looks amazing and its awesome to play.. i think i, A truley amazing game.. despite what most people say about it, its amazing so much to do it looks amazing and its awesome to play.. i think i put in 25+ hours and i would deff play it through again. Those attempting world domination need to keep snug and warm. You won't be needing it for a bit.) Here’s a great way to make lots of money. This game supports English. There are no refunds for this item.

This is a game you can love, and that’s at least as rare as perfection.

(Disclaimer: smells and breezes not included in download.) Press START again on controller two and go to the henchman's Abilities menu. The episodes provide a look behind the scenes of the long-awaited sequel to the 2004 Xbox® exclusive best-seller “Fable®.” This episode shares details on the 'See the Future' Game Add-on. Even the final "battle" - if you can call it that - leaves something to be desired, as the whole "fight" consists of pressing and holding the A button. Spend that experience on whatever you want. There are no refunds for this item. Fable II expands upon the scope and depth of the Xbox classic by adding incredible new features and creating a wider, more complex kingdom of limitless choices and consequences.

You will need: It will make things a little faster if you do this while your character has had a few thousand experience points spent on upgrades, but it's alright if he/she hasn't. Overall Review: great game, I really enjoyed it.

Inclusive and often thought-provoking, this is a daring portrait of a game-world with all the failure cut out, and it's hard not to love a game that loves you so much in return. Note this is not an RPG. While the game is very short, I'm happy to say I enjoyed almost every moment of it. There are no refunds for this item.

Very early in the game you're allowed to purchase most of the items availible in the game. That five minutes is real-time, which means you don’t even have to be playing the game in order for the time to pass. Reward: Axe of Disharmony, Need: Monk Robe(x1)

The game seems to set a cap of how much gold can be earned offline, and once five-hundred minutes has passed, your money growth will permanently stunt. For the sophisticated gentleman who likes to drink copious amounts of tea. There are achievements for getting all three endings in the game. Fable II pioneers a new combat system designed to allow players to truly master hand weapons such as swords and maces, ranged combat weapons such as cross-bows and guns, and an entirely new magic system. Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2019, not as good as fable 3 .

There is much to do in the game, but the actual story is short in my opinion. Just an expression system. SeNiLe911. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. Explore dozens of open, unique environments with your faithful dog. One of the best gamed I played on the Xbox 360 before switching to Playstation 3 afterwards and eventually tp Playstaion 4.Would probably get an Xbox One if Microsoft could have a something similar in the future.

Reward: Black Wheel Gang Outfit, Need: Puny Carrot(x2) Your profit margin should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% when you do this, but can go as high as 70% if you own the stores. Murgo, trader of highly unusual and magical items, has returned to Bowerstone, and he has brought with him objects that will transport you to worlds and quests no Hero has ever faced before. Repeat from step 1 until all of your first player's stats are maxed out. - May contain mature content. There are no refunds for this item. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages that interest you. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like to hear from Microsoft and its family of companies about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Customers who viewed this item also viewed . Need: Regal Purple Dye Download your bonus game content today!

It's All Up to You - Man or woman, good or evil, career and family or just you and your faithful canine companion - live life your way. There are no refunds for this item. An easy and not-so-cheap way to raise lots of experience is to simply donate money to the Temple of Light.

You can choose what path you will be good or evil. Overall Review: If you love the first Fable you will love this one. Reward: Hal’s Rifle, Need: Diamond(x1) First, purchase the weapons stall in Bowerstone Old Town. Reward: Greaser Wig, Need: Marriage and How To Survive It(x1)

Buy Xbox content on And it leaves you wanting much more. For the right price, every house, hut, dungeon, and castle is for sale. There are no refunds for this item. The graphics seems like.

That's the only good thing I can say at the moment. There's some innovation in the cooperative play and some interesting moments of aesthetics, storytelling, and decision-making; but for a game that plays like an RPG, there is surprisingly little sophistication in the implementation of character development, inventory, and NPC interactions. For more information, see

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