Kaylee Apr 08 2015 12:01 am I love the Actor who played Min Ho, his overflowing Charisma!! W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); handsome and funny. *goes off to make list*, irish Sep 17 2016 10:28 am Oh and the women in this show were HOT! She even makes an exception and dresses herself up for Li Zhe. Kim So Yeon always the best in any role she plays. I've seen the first 4 episodes and this drama has already a lot to offer!!! Eager to renovate and sell the property fast, she partners with Jake Taylor (Adam Demos), the Kiwi contractor and volunteer firefighter observing much of her city-girl culture shock. I wanted to see it because I really liked the two leads and their acting is still excellent!!! . I was shocked at how good it started! He shrouds his actual sentiments behind his virus remarks, yet there is something in the manner in which he takes a gander at his decade-old companion Shi Won. I want a happy ending for Kang Min-Ho. Mishti Apr 05 2017 9:36 pm Will this magical calendar lead her to love this holiday season? Sorry for the mistake. Cheers and Support you forever. mia Apr 06 2015 8:34 pm Love Jung Kyung Ho be Kang Min Ho here. Nani Mar 13 2017 12:26 pm Disgusting show what loser main female lead I feel sorry for the dead husband he was used by the shows writer as prop. sunny May 25 2015 7:41 pm Making a girlfriend has become a lifelong goal. Oh I love this drama sooooo much ! Menu. Read More : Top 3 K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This November, I like the story itself. Use the HTML below. Quisiera saber el nombre de las canciones me han gustado mucho sobre todo la principal. Network: MBC, vLive None, just 10. This drama is superb. Good drama and excellent acting's Jung Kyung Ho. QUIZ: Guess the title of these 10 INFINITE music videos! they put every scenes memorable and great. In North America we can't get enough of your amazing product... lrt Jul 29 2017 11:50 am Ellen Mar 11 2018 5:05 pm Good cast and story line. View production, box office, & company info. Let me be honest. Would love your thoughts, please comment. marie21 Apr 23 2015 1:07 pm . Two thumbs up for him. Anyway, reasons why this was not a good drama for me: A mysterious young woman with shifting identities and a playful but kind man fall into a sweet and healing romance. She is a dictator and you can't know her thoughts. this drama is soooooooooo good! Unfortunately, Kim Geon misunderstood him, instead of sending Lee Shi Won he sent Lee Shi Eon (Shin Yoon Seop) their other male friend who they usually call as a Pychopath. Anna Jun 11 2015 8:21 am Doctor's Son (Jung Kyoung Ho) and Soo (Yoon Hyun Min) are the best friends form Cruel City, hehe love them...this will be a great drama :), Daehan Dec 26 2014 10:10 pm And what does she do? It’s kind of messed up because they put her boyfriend’s old heart into Min-ho, so it could practically not even be Min-ho loving her, but her old boyfriend ? 27 of 36 people found this review helpful. But so sad bc i want the heroin is nam gyu ri (u_u). Very recommended drama for you guys who love business and love theme, jung kyung ho character is incredibly awesome.. KANG MINHO fighting. I love his sense of comedic and bad ass acting styles. Nice drama! Will Zi Si get the chance to reconcile with her father? Honestly one of the best drama so far of 2015. <3, Guest May 30 2015 6:00 pm My Top 15 Korean Dramas of 2015 are: 1.Healer...2.Who Are You: School 2015...3.Fall in Love with Soon Jung...4.Sassy, Go Go...5.She Was Pretty...6.High Society...7.Kill Me, Heal Me...8.Awl...9.Missing Noir M...10.Angry Mom...11.Mask...12.Shine or Go Crazy...13.Last...14.Scholar Who Walks the Night...15.I Remember You, May Oct 25 2015 7:22 am OMG!!! Where do I start? https://www.kpopmap.com/failing-in-love-2019-web-drama-cast-summary It's very different from any Chinese drama I've watched that's set in modern day. Wow! naisy May 23 2015 6:30 pm Kyung ho did really really really best in this series.. Gia May 18 2019 4:13 am When city girl Gabriela spontaneously enters a contest and wins a rustic New Zealand inn, she teams up with bighearted contractor Jake Taylor to fix and flip it. too much emotion when Soon Jung cried at the end of episode 3,really touched. sarah Apr 12 2015 4:48 am Leave him. The tender moments were heart warming while those other moments, you know if you've watched it, tore my heart out. Sorry.. :( I got attached to his characteeeeer he's so pure. I loooove the trailer! Gat May 17 2015 7:48 pm I want to date but why I am the only one that can't? loadbox(1); How i hope they will have good ratings and everyone would experience and enjoy this beautiful drama as i have. It is amazing and Now I learned how to love in a pure way. Gaby Jun 12 2016 10:15 pm Kinda funny and so cute, they reunion again~ gonna watch this. Falling In Love (Chinese: 情有可缘) is a Singaporean and Malaysian co-production Chinese drama which is being telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. Min Ho the lead actror, very expressive especially his eyes and when he cries my heart melts, very sincere with his love towards the main actress it is really felt, and very versatile he made us laugh also! However, her spoilt nature as well as her modern behaviour gets on the nerves of her future mother-in-law, Ou Yang Ling Ling who tries to stage certain events to make the young couple break up. esraa May 17 2015 6:01 pm A grounded, soulful, celebratory comedy about three mothers and their adult sons. Fu Rong suddenly collapses and is admitted into hospital. This drama made me cry, smile, laugh and just all over made me fall in love with the characters. I miss it so i'm watching it again. @AIAT why don't you say like that.... her acting is very well. Kim So-Yeon Was this review helpful to you? Oh I love the kiss at the beginning of episode 8. he's hot, she's pretty in her own way, honestly i dont really a fan of her face either but u should watch her other drama i need romance 3 and prossecutor princess, her acting totally charming and her acting cover her appearance... Panda Apr 08 2015 3:51 pm This drama is very good. Does anyone know if there's or there'll be a second season???? EMBER May 25 2015 2:08 am 伊羽彤 Apr 19 2018 7:41 pm Georc Mar 31 2015 12:09 am After some time, Zi Hui gets to know the man of her dreams, Wang Li Zhe (Alan Yun), a successful jewellery businessman. is this the first drama for this writer? I'm choosy when it comes to watching kdramas. Overall is a warm drama. JKYKMH May 12 2015 5:46 pm Her passion, dedication, and quick decision-making ability stand apart from others. jahn05, if you can rerate at the same id, the vote will be renewed, jahn05 May 25 2015 1:54 pm W4GRB.pid=new Array(); DD Sep 09 2020 11:19 pm Good drama, worth watching.andi loove this drama sooo much. Izza_Filipina May 24 2015 6:41 pm I had watched them tho hehe =) Thanks in advance! this is my first time watching the 3 leads and i like all of them. Kim So Yeon always DAEBAK! Ditch him and supports another idiot who is as bad if not worse than him. Excellent drama! Nonetheless, i will end up watching this drama again! Oh I definitely want to see this!! She is sensitive and kind, and has her own unique viewpoints. He is the class president who lacks social skills. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Will she learn something from the people there? So far so good, cant wait for next episodes. This drama is awesome. But is she really made to be queen? For me, The Cutest Drama Ever!!! . I watch a lot of tv and I was very impressed with this show.

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