Nelson says the important thing is to ensure that no one feels left out. “He saw it, that we can’t be who we are and do what we do without wanting that space. He knew it,” says Lyons. But having now to no longer be an outsider and to crawl in the belly of the thing and live there and let it affect yuh, I realise we have real genius levels, so now I have a new disappointment. They collectively believe that despite the current circumstances, the private sector and citizens will band together to make sure we all feel the love. The artistes say about 10 years ago, every time Wendell Manwarren of 3 Canal saw them he would ask them what they had for the Carnival as though he knew the day would come for them to put their brand of music on the festival. Our imagination of what the music could be has to interface with the people, so they could give us real-time feedback in a performance space” says Lyons. Cause even if we pen a song that is a love ballad but we want to have a soca production we have to find a producer. Pictured by: Kibwe Brathwaite. Roger Roberts, Stanton Kewley and Wendell Manwarren of 3Canal, bringing a taste of their trademark Rapso at Free the Carnival last Saturday. “We’re providing a facility through which people can give back and assist. Listentothis is the place to discover new and overlooked music. If you have been a fan of Freetown Collective, you would know their mission is to spread messages of love and inspire change through their music.

This has truly opened my eyes.”, Lyons says: “This process has changed how I view music on the whole. The music has to catch up to their imagination of it.

You will be influenced by new R&B, Soul, Trap and Hip Hop but calypso has always been a melting pot for world music so what would a 2020, young calypsonian look like who is influenced by pop music? The soca EP that they will release on Ash Wednesday is called Yago. Soca Escape 2020 [Feel the Love] by koolsoundzentertainment published on 2020-02-03T17:49:29Z. Need help?

“If nobody mess with it at least we have a group of people who like what the music put out, appreciate the type of songs we are interested in doing, the type of songs we are interested in singing, at least they would get it,” says Lyons. For a period of time, soca was irritating.

Cause even if we pen a song that is a love ballad but we want to have a soca production we have to find a producer. BOOK KOOLSOUNDZ ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT, BIG OR SMALL.🎊. Tag your favorite artist on the mix.

The five songs on the EP include a song called ‘Blessed’, a love song they believe could become a wedding song. Photo: Kibwe Braitwaite. My disappointment is that songs like Choppi’s ‘Captain’ might be dead in a year. That producer has to be comfortable with knowing that could be done but there seems to be a general belief that to do a soca you have to go to the formula, bacchanal, high-energy. This season saw many groovy offerings to start off the season.

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