2. But for someone who is always talking about researching things in depth and capitalizing on opportunities, I think this line from your email – "[Bitcoin] It’s made-up money that only exists on the internet that some brilliant marketer convinced a lot of people was more valuable than gold." What do you think? In fact, do that now. I don't have any bitcoin, so I'm not biased, but.. Well, It may be your opinion that Bitcoin is in a bubble and won't make people any money, but it's fact that bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies have made thousands of millionaires. Recently, both Jamie Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan Chase) and Ray Dalio For ex Indian Rs. I actually used this post to determine my asset allocation and set up my three-fund portfolio. I need to emphasize that my results are not typical. massive upside far outweighs the chance it goes to zero. But there are strategic ways to approach it for those who are interested in this sector and like learning about the technology. Someone said it is hard to keep track of ETFs with small amounts purchased (ie dividend reinvestment) so when you sell it becomes a bit of a headache. Like this Business man told me, But our employer 403b has choice between Fidelity and TIAA. Bitcoin has had over 1000% increase. BitCoin is kind of Blackswan, if people will catch the right trend they will earn. IXUS (ER 0.09%) invests in both foreign-developed and emerging markets stocks. In applying the model portfolio or any other results to your individual situation, be sure to consider other assets, income and investments (e.g., home equity, savings accounts or other retirement accounts) in addition to assets designated for this goal. But not more than 10-15k. When you’re done, I want to show you a few funds to get you started in building a lazy portfolio for yourself and start earning money in the market today. When you buy stock in a company, it doesn’t impact the cash flow of the company, It's ALL speculative. If someone had started at the 2000 top by investing a fixed amount every month, they would've been ahead by the time 2004 rolled around. Once more people catch on and the price rises, people finally fall in love with them. No more shifting between your Vanguard, Fidelity, and Schwab accounts to calculate your asset allocation or net worth. It can also fundamentally transform the financial services industry and the way you buy stocks or bonds. If you so desire (not necessary), you can switch to the Premium class mutual fund versions once you can invest >$10,000 in an asset class. And never invest more than you can afford to lose. Do you prefer Fidelity over Vanguard? Whether you want to pick your own funds or prefer the hands-off approach, we'll help you explore ways to select the portfolio that works for you.

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