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Furthermore, the flow pattern/flow structure heat transfer model for boiling has also been extended very effectively, with appropriate modifications, to intube condensation in horizontal tubes by Thome and coworkers , , where again the flow pattern map and stratification effect are of primary importance. HVAC&R Res 7(2):125–153, Nunez MP, Polley GT, Sunden B, Heggs PJ (1999) Methodology for the design of multi-stream plate-fin heat exchangers. In: Heat transfer enhancement heat exchangers. Linde Div., Union Carbide Corp., Tonawanda, NY, Ouazia B (2001) Evaporation heat transfer and pressure drop of HFC-134a inside a plate heat exchanger. J Heat Transf 101(3):447–452, Kun LC, Czikk AM (1969) Surface for boiling liquids. All rights reserved. J Heat Transf 111(2):518–524, Conklin JC, Vineyard EA (1992) Flow boiling enhancement of R22 and a nonazeotropic mixture of R143a and R124 using perforated foils. AICHE J 12(4):774–780, de Bertodano ML, Assad A, Beus S (1998) Entrainment rate of droplets in the ripple-annular regime for small vertical ducts. H�c```������(�����1�!h�"P����O�W��}r ��rt�h4WMٰ{�n���p7�J S��Qs&�b ���ܲE/8�� Hemisphere Pub. � Int J Heat Mass Transf 14:1220–1223, Koyama S, Yu J, Momoki S, Fujii T, Honda H (1995) Forced convective flow boiling heat transfer of pure refrigerants inside a horizontal microfin tube. off and satellite drop formation is examined. As regards the dryout phenomenon, measurement of critical heat flux was attempted in a short microgravity duration and the process of dryout was investigated for a moderate quality region based on the measured temperature fluctuation and corresponding liquid-vapor behaviors. Heat Transf Eng 13(2):43–69, Taitel Y, Dukler AE (1976) A model for predicting flow regime transitions in horizontal and near horizontal gas-liquid flow. The data were collected in normal gravity and during a series of parabolic trajectories flown onboard an airplane. Argonne National Lab., Lemont, IL, Kattan N, Thome JR, Favrat D (1998) Flow boiling in horizontal tubes: part 3—development of a new heat transfer model based on flow pattern.

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