Will you accept? You don't have to reveal every fantasy you have, but being more honest can only make you more satisfied in bed in the long run. Visit a local hotel and spend all day and night for honeymooners. We just replaced our homemade meals with takeout. "Her rationale was that she consciously chose her husband and that romantic love needs to be different from the love you have for your children. "Taking time to enjoy your couple-hood is an investment in your relationship which is good for the whole family," says Dr. Kat, who believes happy couples make happier parents (science says so, too). Be childlike- go to the arcade, or the carnival. "Also, having sex on a regular basis will balance your hormones so you'll want sex more. Your adventures could be as simple as testing out a new restaurant or exploring a new part of your area. Are you generous in spirit or selfish? But that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to a content but passionless marriage. Pick a book or some poetry that lends itself to romance (not the newspaper). You will find your way back to that newlywed excitement and find yourselves more in love than ever. If you need to move the time reschedule do not blow it off as “optional, 9) Picnic and a movie or binge watch a TV show you both pick out at home, 10) Make a meal together & have it outside or by candlelight, 11) Phone and/or text him/her during the day to let him know that you are thinking about him/her, want them, love them, admire them, appreciate them. You can read Sue’s fun article. To keep the romance alive in your marriage or partnership, aim to have sex at least once a week, advises a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, a peer-reviewed academic journal. This is a simple example, but my husband can’t stand the sound of someone brushing their teeth. I always made time in my day for the people I love most, but I wasn’t truly putting them first. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakespeare%27s_sonnets, Laugh away the small irritations, pick your battles carefully, Carve out 30 minutes each evening for “Unplugged Time”, Top 17 Fun and Romantic Games for Couples, 5 Ways to Rekindle Romance in Your Marriage, 4 Ways to Maintain Romance After Marriage With Your Spouse. ), It's easy to get absorbed in computers, phones, and all our other electronic devices. Shakespeare’s sonnets, or a novel by Nicholas Sparks. Want to have a happier, healthier marriage? Add some sweetness by baking sweet cakes and cookies. By your 50th anniversary, you’ll have a lovely archive of warm memories to look back upon. There is research that shows couples who share new experiences together increase their intimacy and are happier in the long run. If you can’t get a sitter, or if you’re on a tight budget, then stay in- have a candlelight dinner, put on some soft music and slow dance in the living room. "Think back to the effort both of you made to get one another's attention," suggests Dr. Kat. (Try this 30-day challenge for a hotter, more fulfilling sex life. That’s right. Sometimes it can feel like we are ships that pass in the night, only coming together when both partners are tired and maybe feeling just a tad grumpy. She has a doctorate degree from University of Sarasota and a master's degree from Georgia State University in Counseling Psychology & brings over 32 years of experience through teaching, supervising and experience of working with over 3500 cases.

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