Well, we'll see who's better at letting loose and running wild in six months. There's also a satisfying minor villain that is set up at the beginning and dealt with at the end, making this book have an ending that feels significant, but not too much for a book 1. - Interesting Villains (Use mint at your peril!) Well, that's a nice Cheliax you have there. I am curious to see whether the effects of this adventure ripple elsewhere in the country. z`���T������f�`hISp �2���� Does this mean we are going to get books on Cheliax? Announced! store@paizo.com. So, no rules. $24.99 He was eight inches long from tip to bulbous knot. I love Cheliax, it is by far my favorite region in Golarion and I know it pretty well. $18.74. This shouldn't be the case here; Thrune has ruled with an iron fist for a long time; I wouldn't be surprised if there were nobles who made it a sport to crush rebellions like this for fun. If there isn't a part where the full force of Thrune comes and wipes out the rebellion, forcing the PC's into hiding to continue it, or if we're given a BS reason why they don't, then I'm done, and will not pick up this adventure. Anyone who disagrees is free to go find people that agree with them more in hell's vengeance (and is also free to stay the hells away from me). My only issue is I can't help but be reminded to council of thieves and wrath of the righteous(with devils). 5. -Monk and/or Sacred Fist warpriest of Irori who was arrested and learned his class in prison from an older Iroran who was put to death after teaching him for trying to teach people that they can improve themselves and their lot in life. In Hell's Bright Shadow; PZO9097 (Adventure) Author(s) Crystal Frasier et al. - Stress silver weapons. The challenges are varied and good, and the characters are memorable. This summer's looking like it's already heating up. $17.99, Add <> stream This is gonna be epic! With Milani's blessing we will free the people and create a new Chelaxian Republic! Hope there can be a 'revisit' of Milani; or at least gettting the exalted/sentinel/evangelist boons! I kinda like Mikaze's idea of a set of linked campaigns playinh out across Cheliax, so you've got one group in Kintargo, one in Westcrown dealing with the Council of Thieves campaign, one running around the countryside giving the Hellknights and regular lawkeepers a merry chase, one scheming and plotting at the heart if the emoure in Cheliax itself, and so on. PART 1: FLEDGLINGS OF SILVER 6 The PCs begin this adventure After escaping a protest gone bad, the heroes seek to uncover clues about a group of 1 at 1st level. I don't know should I run this or play this! On a personal level I classify it as the 'BEST' path for me as a DM. Where did you hear that and when will it be out? The everyman who was thrust into this rebellion by chance has the background of a being an absolute saint who wants to save the world and who needs regular expensive alchemical items to prevent from turning back into a woman (an obvious transsexual analogy … which doesn’t work in a world with multiple relatively cheap magic items that permanently change people’s sex). Either way, I'll give it a shot. I really hope this one gets the full mini support. 9, 1 Or will they become the latest victims of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune? Oh I think you're gonna find the rules of the Court don't carry over so well to the Street.

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