Morrison uses Lina to show an example of surrogate motherhood, one unattached to blood ties but no less powerful. Stevenson looks over the evidence in the case and discovers it hinges entirely on the testimony of convicted felon Ralph Myers, who provided highly self-contradictory testimony in exchange for a lighter sentence in his own pending trial. Within the norms of their local circle, they find it morally acceptable to manipulate the racial makeup of the jury. The lawyer’s failure to bring up his client’s past contrasts with Stevenson’s detailed account of Herbert’s life. When Lina describes how she believes Sorrow brings bad spirits with her, Morrison shows the side of Lina’s spiritual beliefs that, like the European sense of religion, excludes and persecutes people who are different or marginalized. Lina’s skepticism towards the Blacksmith’s treatment of Florens suggests, even at this point in the novel, that Lina has been through her own romantic troubles. Systemic Power, Oppression, and Dehumanization. For Florens, who has never been in love before, it is exciting. In the years that follow, Stevenson encounters racism and legal and political maneuverings as he tirelessly fights for McMillian's life. by Bryan Stevenson, Stevenson opens up his new nonprofit law center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. -Graham S. By describing Herbert’s history of loss, abuse and violence, Stevenson attempts to show Herbert’s humanity and explain the events that affected his mental health. Herbert constructs a small bomb and places it on her front door. With the bond Herbert and Bryan create, Bryan attends the execution of Herbert Richardson. Stevenson illustrates the fluidity of moral arguments surrounding the death penalty by showing the differences in Supreme Court rulings over time. Just Mercy is Bryan Stevenson ’s account of his decades-long career as a legal advocate for marginalized people who have been either falsely convicted or harshly sentenced. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. Lina’s dislike of the iron gate reflects her generally skepticism toward Europeans and European religion. | Stevenson demystifies and personalizes the death penalty by describing Herbert’s time with his family in the hour before his death. In 1983, Bryan Stevenson is a 23-year-old Harvard Law student. The accepted local use of legal loopholes demonstrates the importance of community norms and belief systems in determining how federal laws are applied on a local level. Lina’s use of native rituals and remedies to heal Rebekka offers the reader an example of religion in 17th-century America outside of variations of European Christianity. Taglines Lina recognizes Rebekka’s religious awakening, a phenomenon that Morrison explores more in Rebekka’s chapter.

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