You can also share The best of youth (trailer) Videos that you like on your Facebook account. Era molto lungo ma mi è piaciuto moltissimo. Ursprünglich war der sechsstündige Film als Mehrteiler für das italienische Fernsehen konzipiert. Doch wer sich auf das italienische Abenteuer des Regisseurs Marco Tullio Giordana einlässt, erlebt Kino, wie man es fast für ausgestorben wähnt – großartig, ohne Scheu vor Melodramatik, geschichtsträchtig, opulent, behutsam und politisch engagiert — und leider auch mit großen Abstrichen, denn den enormen Ambitionen, die der Film verspricht, wird er leider nur zum Teil gerecht. "La Meglio Gioventu" tells the story of two brothers: Matteo and Niccola. Everyone knows this. Preti (Priests) - Tutto intero (Full movie) - Duration: 21:06. في لحظة ما شعرت أنني أشاهد حديث الصباح والمساء الإيطاليحتى أنني ابتسمت حين تخيلت محفوظ جالس يشاهد هذا الفيلم "نجيب الذي قال "إنني أرفض أي طريق يرفض الحياةهذه هي الحياة ماتيو لم يتحمل رفضه للحياة لم يتحمل تكرار أن يدير وجهه لنا فجأة فنرى عينيه تحمل كل هذا الألم, هناك أوقات بين الناس يشعر فيها المرء أن الكل قادر على نسيان وحدته للحظات إلا هو عندما شعر ماتيو بذلك ,شعرت أنا بالخوف على مُحمدهو الذي أخبرني أكثر من مرة أنه عليّ مشاهدة الفيلم أردت اخباره بما أردده دوما بطريقة ما لسنا وحيدين الحياة تدور دورتها , وتعرف كيف تبهرنا , والمشاعر تمر بنا جميعًاونحن نتعلم كيف نرى جمال الأشياء فالنهاية الحزن موجود وسيظل دائما ورغم ذلك الحياة جميلة وتستحق أن نمر بكل ذلك, An Italian epic that follows the lives of two brothers, from the 1960s to the 2000s. 2 DVDs und 1 Bonus-DVD, Interview mit Regisseur Marco Tullio Giordana, Interview mit Luigi Lo Cascio und Alessio Boni, Interview mit Jasmine Trinca, Kurz & Spiegel GbR In 2003, my girlfriend and I watched it in its entirety at the Film Forum and it was a tremendously rewarding day. An Italian epic that follows the lives of two brothers, from the 1960s to the 2000s. I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago. I decided to tackle it in hopes of getting the two longest movies on the top 250 done in 2 nights. After Sátátangó I was a little worried about watching another 6+ hour movie. The Story of Anvil (2007) Online. "Oscar®" and "Academy Award®" are the registered trademarks, trademarks and servicemarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Meg has the life she thinks she wants. The relationships that unfold in front of us feel so authentic that it sometimes feels like you're with your own friends and family. You can search your Harry Potter et les Reliques de …, Princess Mononoke (1997) Watch Full HD Movie Strea…, Doctor Strange (2016) Watch Full Movie Streaming O…, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (2013) Watch Ful…, A Distância Entre Nós (2019) Watch Full HD Movie S…, Rambo : Last Blood (2019) Watch Full HD Movie Stre…, Spenser Confidential (2020) Watch Full HD Movie St…, Like a Boss (2020) Watch Full Movie Streaming Onli…, Der große Diktator (1940) Watch Full Movie Streami…, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Watch Ful…, La meglio gioventú (2003) Watch Full HD Streaming Online, Harry Potter Et Les Reliques De La Mort : 1ère Partie (2010) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online, Princess Mononoke (1997) Watch Full HD Movie Streaming Online, Doctor Strange (2016) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online, Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor (2013) Watch Full HD Streaming Online, A Distância Entre Nós (2019) Watch Full HD Movie Streaming Online, Rambo : Last Blood (2019) Watch Full HD Movie Streaming Online, Spenser Confidential (2020) Watch Full HD Movie Streaming Online, Like A Boss (2020) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online, Der Große Diktator (1940) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online. Suddenly she must rely on her estranged uncle, a big rig truck driver. Lebenswege, die so extrem diametral entgegen gesetzt sind, dass es unweigerlich zu einer Katastrophe kommen muss. Watch Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsbe... Watch A Prophet (Un prophete) (2009) Online. Review on Next Projection from my VOD column "This Week on Demand". Everyday life in the heavily overcrowded PGV prison in Venezuela is run by the inmates themselves. Der zweite Teil erweist sich natürlich als emotionale Steigerung. The ... See full summary ». Add the first question. The very nature of one of this week’s films precludes the taking of such critical liberties, however, its length such that its minutes outnumber the aforementioned word count…. However, it can be a bad thing if a film doesn't have enough in it to justify its excessive length (i.e. The Best of Youth is decidedly not mafia related; rather it is a romantic and historical rendering of Italy from the 1960's as seen through the lives of the Carati family and their friends and lovers. أعتقد أنك كنت على حق. A drug dealer finds an unlikely traveling companion in a runaway kid trying to dodge social services. The two brothers, Nicola and Matteo, represent the Janus-like conflict of liberal and conservative in the volatile last half-century of Italian social and cultural change.This is humanistic history at its best as director Marco Tullio Giordana takes us through the sexy seventies, a devastating Florence flood, the emergence of Red Brigades, assassinations and business downturns including the Fiat layoffs. ‘La meglio gioventú’ Ein sechsstündiger Film, der nichts anderes sein will als ein Bilderbogen von fast 40 Jahren italienischer Geschichte, das mag sich selbst für manchen fleißigen Besucher von Arthouse-Filmen nicht gerade verlockend anhören. Don't forget to share or bookmark this page for future references. The choice of actors is nothing short of inspired.The genius of Best of Youth is that like Italy itself, this family is a stew of ideologies that offers up dignity of the individual as the highest value and respect (remember The Godfather) for humanity the only arbiter of peace. Films that…, Arta Barzanji 121 films 3,136 144 Edit, Only feature films with less than 4000 and more than 20 views  -No short films (under 30 mins), serials/tv shows,…, The latest 2020 edition of TSPDT The 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films (, Missing in Letterboxd: 629th: The Wire (2002-2008), Official 2020 Edition: Combined the average ratings (Critic's & Users) from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and Letterboxd, and then weighted and…. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. 2003 366 minutes Facebook. No, of course not. Krum De Nicola Maurizio Di Carmine Roberto Accornero Fabio Camilli Antonello Puglisi Emilia Marra Patrizia Punzo Nila Carnelutti Greta Cavuoti Francesco La Macchia Sara Pavoncello Valeria Colangelo Laura Di Mariano Massimiliano Petrucci Giorgio Crisafi Paolo Emilio Alvarez de Castro Rosa Canova Aldo Mansi Ferdinando Martin Angelo Giuliano Angelo Costabile Enzo Marcelli Aldo Innocenti Stefano Biscotti Sjur Midttun Rasmus Bu Mohammed Essaje Cinzia Cartei Sergio Risso Asia Pallavicino Lavinia Matteucci Danilo Maria Valli Fabio Roscillo Alberto Pozzo Maddalena Recino Massimo Del Sette Letterio Micalizzi Roberto Faglia Nanni Tormen Zefferino Stefanic Giusto Lo Piparo Marcella Mariotti Manuela Massarenti Alessandro Trotta Angelica Zanardi Juana Jimenez Maria Grazia Bon Mattia Osti Raffaele D'Orsi Giuseppe Mascia Fabio Rossi Leonardo Antiri Alessio Brilli Giovanni Giordana Fausto Maria Sciarappa Kristine M. Opheim Claudia Fiorentini Giuseppe Gandini, Donatella Botti Angelo Barbagallo Alessandro Calosci, Rai Cinemafiction BiBi Film 01 Distribution, The Best Of Youth, La mejor juventud, La meglio gioventù, 베스트 오브 유스, 366 mins  

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