KG/LG : Knight of the Garter; Lady of the Garter Certificate of Cemetery Practice, Graduate Certificate of Children's Literature, Graduate Certificate of Citizenship Studies, Graduate Certificate of Communication Studies (External), Graduate Certificate of Cultural Heritage, Graduate Certificate of Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies, Graduate Certificate of Defence and Strategic Studies, Graduate Certificate of Development and Humanitarian Action, Graduate Certificate of Education (Music Education), Graduate Certificate of Employment Services, Graduate If not indicating the awarding universities, they would write "BSc MSc PhD", or simply "PhD". of Applied Science (Sport Coaching and Administration) (Honours), Bachelor According to Debrett's and Black's, listed after fellowships of learned societies, royal academicians, and memberships of professional bodies. University Degrees "[3] Contrary to this, Debrett's consider that within learned societies: "There is no recognised order for placing these letters. AE : Air Efficiency Award (Start typing, we will pick a forum for you), Taking a break or withdrawing from your course, Struggling to be considered a Home student despite living in the UK since Aug '14. either, The Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations, 2nd edition, Market House Books Ltd and Oxford University Press, 1998, ed. of Business Administration/Master of Leadership, Master Certificate of Disability Studies (Positive Behaviour Support), Graduate The Order of Australia was established in 1975. 6. of Arts (Disability Studies) (Honours), Bachelor Visit our Privacy policy for more information. Qualifying diplomas (for example MRCS, LRCP) Diploma of Management, Graduate of Artificial Intelligence, Bachelor of Computing (Applied Computing), Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science and Software Development), Bachelor of Computing (Information Management), Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems), Bachelor of Computing (Multimedia Technology), Bachelor of Computing (Network Technologies), Bachelor of Arts (Disability Studies), Bachelor Some people think it is pretentious to add an M.B.A. or a B.A. by what they are a society or institute of or for, e.g. Crown honours follow immediately after the abbreviations ‘Bt’ (baronet) and ‘Esq’ (if applicable). mine are in my email signature but I write a lot of formal emails. of Arts (Psychology) (Honours), Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours), Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours), Bachelor of Facilities Management (Honours), Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours), Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours), Bachelor replacing university degrees). of I.T. Certificate of Sports Nutrition, Graduate I still think that. Where this is not known, they may be placed in alphabetical order. 5. The title of "2nd Level Registered Nurse" refers to those previously called Enrolled Nurses. Your email address will not be published. Diploma of Taxation, Graduate Medical fellowships are given in all correspondence, for example FRCP and FRCS.

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