I am so happy that I got this!" As reviewers note, these don't really work for high-heels over 2 inches tall (one reviewer made it work but you can tell the second heel isn't neatly stacked under the first; it's on its side). Accepted file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png. I love the idea too because if nothing's on the ledges of the tub, it will be that much easier to clean! I am super pleased."

2 0 obj Came with five hooks that hang off the side, which is a nice bonus."

I used the over the door–hooks. ), Promising review: "It's helping keep the minivan under control! Get one on Amazon for $28.99+ (two sizes and up to 14 colors/patterns available). The bars are adjustable as well (just use the twisties it came with to secure them in place, but the basket fit perfectly to my cabinet).

My shoe shelves look so organized now and this product solved a problem for me. I am beyond happy with my purchase." I wish it was a bit softer material, though it is canvas which will hold up well." She says the mesh pockets are incredibly sturdy and hold her three or four body washes and conditioners she always keeps around. That's what I was thinking when I ordered this.

2 0 obj endobj <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612.96 791.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> It holds exactly what I wanted it to hold. Office Space Checklist 1. You could also use it as a functional storage spot for those extra pillows and blankets you only pull out once or twice a year. by Natalie Brown. It fits perfectly in the 11-inch space between my washer and dryer." —Niklas Henricson. 4�Cj���l��}R���5��ٌ. There's a big plastic back piece, so I expect it'll stay stiff and strong for a long time. Worth the buy. I had to drill six screws in the wall. I was using a whole shelf and a half of jumbled tea boxes which I had to sift through to look for a specific tea. The organizer is super easy to assemble and completely versatile." Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? Littles have a certain mind space that is younger than their physical age. Everything is stored nicely and looks super glam and I’m obsessed. The first row has adjustable dividers, you can use them to keep odd-shaped bottles or do what I do: use one side for my nail stamper, dotting tools, and the drying drops and the other for foam wedges and nail pens. T. Jaegerman. In the photo above, they've fit SO many things: an iron, an oversized canister of cleaning wipes, two different big bottles of detergent, a spray bottle, a bag of laundry detergent pods, a bag of dishwasher detergent pods, a container of powder, two boxes of SOS Steel Wool soap, two other spray bottles, a microfiber cloth, four bottles of other cleaners, a box of rubber gloves, a jug of vinegar, and a jug of some other cleaner. Promising review: "These are great for organizing! We're doing better now, thanks for asking.) I just bought some more for my bathroom vanity.

I had a very similar organizer all through high school that my mom hung on the back of the bathroom door, and it made it *super* convenient to see everything I had, so I actually wore more of my favorites! Promising review: "I love to be organized so when I came across the Shoe Slotz product to organize my shoes on the shelves in my closet, I was excited to try them.

<> I have one holding my cutting boards (four standard plastic boards) and another holding my foil, cling wrap, and parchment paper boxes. stream For the supreme quality product you get, it is, in my view, very reasonably priced." Reporting on what you care about. Business over 5000 SF (5000 divided by 100), Mercantile over 1500 SF (1500 divided by 30). —Brad J. Leahy. Very robust metal construction, light for its size and extremely easy to install. My closet looks so well organized, I have much more room and my winter clothes are stored safely and beautifully. It comes in two sizes, and the largest fits 110 stuffed animals! Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! And when I filled the first little bag holder. Shoe Slotz are great and I highly recommend them."

We had about 10 inches in the kitchen where boxes had a tendency to collect on the floor. —Clouds.

endobj Get it from Amazon: the decals for $14.60, and an 80-piece screw hook set for $8.99, or 16 of the Command Hooks and strips for $9.99+. Promising review: "Love these hangers! It is very easy to seal and to vacuum. They stay put. —Jennifer L. Fitch.

Luckily, I have pretty wide cabinets, so this works out perfectly. ft. per employee. <>>> They were easy to set up and they work great! A little chooses their methods to engage in littlespace so it can vary widely and is based primarily on personality and preference versus standards or commonalities. Just put all your DVDs in this binder and stop being so crazy hung up on the cases! It’s super sturdy, easy to clean and looks cohesive with my glass top vanity. t�Ya�ZqY\1� ����D*�yYDDD�ZD Ʌ x)�B kE��;��H(��l���?��z ��V|\J�:�p����G��w�}%����w0I"�1�Iďh It is sturdy and rolls well. You can fit quite a few spoons etc. This is a game-changer. I'm trying to think of how I could use one on every underutilized door in my home now!

endobj <>>> Some little adults also modify or own specialty clothing for littlespace time and dress up, wear adult diapers, or restyle their hair.

Get the 128-capacity binder for $15.99, or a bigger 400-capacity binder for $30.49, both on Amazon. Before all my items were in a drawer and the cords were a pain, but with this metal basket it minimized clutter, kept things organized and separate, and also looks nice. Luckily this product was able to do that — and it comes with hooks. Obsessed with travel? I don't have to worry about strappy tops falling on the floor or hanging oddly on them. It’s easy to adjust the animals once zipped up to create a comfortable area to sit on. It was easy to mount and hanging things is a breeze. My silverware organizer took up almost all of one drawer, so this organizer is a godsend.

Very easy to assemble and install. They work with basically any vacuum cleaner, which means this particular transformation only takes a few minutes from start to finish. 3 0 obj So handy, just open the door and there they are, no thinking involved! Get it from Amazon for $11.90 (available in five colors). These are from the Jungalow, a Black woman-owned business founded by Justina Blakeney (whose Instagram and design blog I've swooned over ever since I saw that iconic aqua backsplash.) —mialro.

I couldn't find a single pair of matching earrings without a major ordeal and because everything was out of sight, I totally forgot what I had. I cleaned out old jewelry boxes, cleaned items that hadn't seen the light of day in years and put each piece in its own little pocket. Little space 101 For beginners Non-Fiction. —Erin Grannemann. Makes MUCH more room in my closet. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! There are so many pockets with so much room in each I actually have space left over.My husband's back scrubber, my shampoo and hair care, my daughter's bubble baths, bath floofies, all fit with room to spare. Don’t Promising review: "This product is fantastic! I recommend this product to anyone who wants to organize their kitchens and have their pots and pans they use frequently at one spot." x��Y�n7�0���Ȉ(VW����8��� 3 0 obj �+�+}�$��It�eu�$2�c�D 6���"絙�}���y,R������#>B�EV�"��?�-�♤�.������z��vY-�f���K��qf��K��q�X��c���v��� >����Tz�'U3���X����0����bg+p�� |��ʹ�y/�%,�]�'�ΰ3l��������*� 3�HPˊQY��U�� s n`�ڭG�iUr�&W;��M�L���掄t�c�x��Ą7]n����m�Y�l� Get it on Amazon for $19.99 (available in eight colors). —Toady. Die Preise und Verfügbarkeit der Produkte beziehen sich auf den Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung dieses Beitrags. —Cindy Summers. My house is very old with no extra closet or pantry space.

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