point of your NS journey is the station where you get off the RET metro and get of the metro tracks so cross over via the level crossing (just visible in the Schiedam ship and onto a metro train in as little as 10-15 minutes. The best way to get from London to Amsterdam is via the Dutch Flyer through Stena Line. terminal. These run to Utrecht every 15 minutes taking 30 minutes, to Groningen every hour taking 2h29. This photo is taken from platform 1 of the metro station, that's the rear of a toilets. Schiedam Centrum 11:43. Step 4 for anywhere else in the www.ret.nl. The Stena e-ticket is all you See tips for changing trains at www.ret.nl. minutes walk from Centraal station with great reviews. cities at rock-bottom prices. You reach Utrecht at or before 10:28. Booking usually opens up to 12 months ahead. the moment to make this a more integrated interchange. These class 321 trains are due to be replaced by www.nationalrail.co.uk. Intercity to Amsterdam... Double-deck Intercity Harwich International at 21:29. inclusive price, from £55 plus a choice of cabins from £35. Air-conditioned metro trains leave Hoek van Holland every 20 minutes weekdays, accommodation in Amsterdam early, as it can be satellite TV, see the photos of each type of cabin below. Adding a cot for a child aged 0-3 with you, on the floor or in a special luggage area. Boarding at starting in the Netherlands they may tell you to call their Dutch office. Then travel from 30 minutes at weekends, journey time around 30 minutes. or 1901 Wine Lounge, both part of the Centrum has 4 metro platforms & 5 mainline platforms. enter Rotterdam Alexander to Utrecht Centraal. near the guest services desk as the ship docks, when the gangway opens just after The Stena Line superferries are 63,000 tons GT (Gross Tonnage), the largest Ro-Pax Then You can check metro times at If you don't have a profile, please enter your booking reference and email address below to access your booking details. A more peaceful place to wait with a coffee or beer is the minutes walk from Dam Square and 10 minutes walk from Centraal Station. on it in the by Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry, Trains from Amsterdam smoking lounge forward on deck 9 if you're a smoker. Get all the benefits of having a Stena Line account such as speeding up checkout and viewing, amending or cancelling your bookings online. On Sundays leave Cambridge at 19:46 or & This is the cheapest & most leisurely way to go, with combined train+ferry fares from as little as £29 one-way from central London to central Amsterdam or any station in the Netherlands. jointly by sit where you like, you'll have no problem finding a seat. same side of the embankment as the metro station, so just leave the metro costs £4, you can add when booking. by train page, www.stenaline.co.uk/ferry-to-holland/rail-and-sail, Stena Line's Dutch website airport. From Cambridge or Ipswich, The ship Rotterdam Alexander, leaving Groningen at 09:18 or Utrecht at 11:18 on moored 1959 transatlantic liner, the SS Rotterdam. double-deck with free WiFi. Slightly higher fares Step 3, travel from How to buy tickets    Call Stena Line on Whatever you choose, you won't be short of things to do. sails at 09:00 arriving 17:15. www.ns.nl. in the Taste restaurant: £33. By all means catch an earlier train/metro other side. Netherlands, check train times using www.ns.nl. Buy tickets by phone:  deck towards the stern on deck 9 for some sea air and a sealed & ventilated See 360º How to buy tickets Alexander. The ship's restaurant will be open for dinner. about Heathrow closed due of snow and all flights grounded - the Stena Liner Stena Plus Lounge access: £15 with 2020... At Harwich, the to Ely as your rail & sail ticket is valid from any Greater Anglia station on any Greater Anglia train. platform on the embankment. London to Amsterdam by daytime ferry You can check embankment just out of shot to the right, that's an Intercity train to Utrecht heading off to the Dogs go Also try The Hotel Luxer is cheaper, from around €109 upwards per night, and also just 7 arriving Harwich International at 08:09, or at 07:57 on Sundays arriving Harwich the front of the train will be emptier if you want to spread out.   platform 5 at 09:16 You can check metro times at The Park Plaza Victoria Hotel gets great reviews and is very Hoek van Holland starts around 19:30 and closes at 21:15. CO2 savings:  Flight www.stenaline.co.uk/ferry-to-holland/rail-and-sail, There are no ticket gates at Rotterdam Alexander, so remember use a Rail & Sail ticket if you want to take a bike, as they have Sundays arriving Hoek at 12:42, check times at How to buy tickets     Whether you have a fear of flying, are looking for a more affordable option or simply want to lower your carbon footprint and enjoy being able to see where you’re going while travelling, taking the ferry from London to Amsterdam is a fantastic option. details of costs and how to buy tickets with a bike are explained on the bikes This shows the lift & stairs up to the Utrecht-bound How connecting with the night boat, why not catch an earlier train from London to on any departure and the ship starts boarding from at 10:25. minutes Sunday mornings), Or the to be first onto the ship at Harwich, sit at the rear of the train - although How Rotterdam Alexander, See tips train at 7:30pm, sleep in a cosy private cabin with shower, toilet, WiFi & weekends, taking 23 minutes to Schiedam Centrum, 30 minutes to downtown Rotterdam & 50 minutes to Rotterdam Alexander. removed the ability to add a bike to a Rail & Sail booking. Breakfast buffet in the The train to Harwich 45 (lines open 08:00-22:00 daily, may not be able to offer all cabin types or Go up the big escalators opposite platforms 1-4, exit the station = 68 Kg CO2 per However, there's no Step 3, take the metro from Book a cabin on the daytime crossing even though services desk. kennel. buy this at the guest services desk on deck 9 on board the All cabins have an en suite Amersfoort, Zwolle, Groningen & sailed & arrived spot on time as always. Feedback appreciated. London Liverpool Street, Stratford, Cambridge, Colchester, Whether you have a fear of flying, are looking for a more affordable option or simply want to lower your carbon footprint and enjoy being able to see where you’re going while travelling, taking the ferry from London to Amsterdam is a fantastic option. On the day sailing, if you Upper deck seats on the COVID-19 update:  container on your lap, for a larger dog you'll need to 15 minutes from train to ship, a far more relaxed experience than any this mainline rail route to light rail. Luggage goes on the racks or simply on the floor. running in connection with the ferries. Outside cabins have a window, inside cabins don't. London to Amsterdam by train + ferry. For shop-a-holics, there are many designer boutiques and fashion stores, or if you’re looking for a bargain, head to the famous Flea Markets that take place and pick up some souvenirs to take home.   calling Stena Line UK telesales on 08445 762 762, open 08:30-20:00 Schiedam Centrum to Hoek of Holland by metro train, these run every 20 minutes Step 4 for Gouda, Utrecht, Amsterdam Centraal Step 4 for Delft, Den Haag, Leiden, Haarlem & Amsterdam, enter Utrecht Centraal to Rotterdam Alexander. Booking usually opens 12 months ahead. You keep your luggage Rail & Sail fares are to any Dutch Travelling from city to city has never been easier - whether you’re jumping on a train with one of our rail and sale packages or driving up to Harwich International Port, going from London to Amsterdam with Stena Line is the ideal way to start your break. you and enter the starting & end points of your NS journey. by train page. Haarlem 18:50, Leiden Centraal 19:15 Step 2, sail from Harwich to Hoek the way to Schiedam, over a right of way that until the 1990s was used by van Holland you want Dutch Railways platform 1 for Utrecht & beyond which is the Just and take an intercity The journey explained in pictures These Intercity trains run every 15 minutes (every 30 Luggage goes on the racks or in the gaps between seat backs. comfortable. times at www.ns.nl. Stena Hollandica. a disposable smartcard covering your onward RET metro & Dutch Railways (NS) the largest ferries serving the UK. behind Dutch time. Stena Plus Lounge Stena Line staff will check your ticket as you enter. Daily Rooms Hotel. Hotel. We use cookies to help us deliver our online services. or Den Haag HS 19:29 by InterCity train arriving Schiedam Centrum at under 15 from £27.50 each way. Travelling from city to city has never been easier - whether you’re jumping on a train with one of our rail and sale packages or driving up to Harwich International Port, going from London to Amsterdam with Stena Line is the ideal way to start your break. scheme, if you reserve an on-board kennel. Haarlem or Amsterdam, get off the metro at Schiedam Centrum. Train tickets are included when booking Rail & Sail. Stena Hollandica, time is 1 hour station such as Beurs for downtown Rotterdam. Colchester & Manningtree. at 19:55, or at 19:16 on Sundays arriving Delft 19:24, Den Haag HS 19:31, Leiden Visit the many museums and cafés, or head to the outskirts of the city and see the stunning tulip fields. platform straight into the ferry terminal and up the escalators to the first has just two Captain's suites. If you're making a round trip, they'll give you a second ticket for the return journey. with eggs and bacon. metro from Alexander to Hoek van Holland Haven, this runs every 20 minutes gtag('config', 'UA-2191308-1', { 'anonymize_ip': true }); At 63,000 tons, the Stena Hollandica & Stena Britannica are Make your journey a simple one with our Rail and Sail option which organises your whole trip in one package, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the ride. All cabins are on decks 10 & 11. www.ret.nl. The barcode on this ticket will operate the NS & RET ticket gates at stations. There you will find train connections to all parts of the Netherlands, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well … Walk back along the platform towards you want metro station platform 1 for Hoek van Holland, this is on the far side You can check train times at Or you can go via London, which may be faster ICE trains on the Amsterdam-Utrecht-Arnhem route. arrived at Hoek van Holland in the morning... Disembarkation:  Foot passengers gather on Deck 9 Mid-range to top end:  (2) Add a meal to your See Amsterdam Centraal to London. Leeuwarden. Boarding the ferry:  Walk through the door marked You print your own ticket, this .pdf printout is all you need to board the train at 10:34, Haarlem 10:50, Leiden Centraal 11:15 or Den Haag HS at 11:29 arriving Now take the metro! taking your Rembrandt Hotel from €80, 10 min walk from Dam Square though 20 minutes walk Chelmsford, Norwich, Ipswich, Ely, Romford, Ilford, Bishop's Stortford. at weekends taking 24 minutes. UK residents can try

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