Elastic Minds is a series of interviews about creative people working at the intersection of various disciplines. For instance I have recently read that an ant’s brain has the same processing power as a Macintosh II computer. One of the things that interests me the most and that is a key part of the research I do, is the notion of unilateral communication. Peugeot Onyx For Sale, Required fields are marked *. Through use of synthesised pheromones (Z9:16 Ald Hexadecenal), a robotic arm lays trails which cause ants to move in a different way to their natural foraging behaviour.

Your email address will not be published. Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Wii Iso, So Often In Life, Things That You Regard As An Impediment Turn Out To Be Great Good Fortune, What Celebrities Would Look Like Without Money, Supportedinterfaceorientations Not Called Ios 13, Finding missing persons collaboratively through AI. Phase II , that I am working on now, will be the first actual choreographed ant movement in form of a live performance. Projects often include collaborations with scientists, dancers, and other people outside of his own discipline. OP:  Actually I only saw the movie after I started the research for my Masters degree. Ollie Palmer is an artist, designer and film-maker. Jordan Weal Wife, All content © Ollie Palmer 2005 - 2020, except where noted. Washington Square | Philadelphia | Pennsylvania | USA Claim. It’s only What also triggered my interest in ants was systemic thinking.

With the film we are trying to explore some mathematical and philosophical questions based on an old Russian research on how to physically engineer people to be “the perfect proletarian”. You can visualise it as a giant blind chess game. St. Petersburg | Russia

They start from a master plan and then work down to the details. Ollie Palmer is an artist, designer, and educator whose work focuses on control systems and the absurd. DO DISTURB - Performance, Dance, Circus, Design, Fashion… Palais de Tokyo, Paris; 05. Photos from our visit Dorotheum, Vienna Est. I was interviewed by Happy Famous Artists for their series Elastic Minds. $6,796,762 - 9,364,086 Nov 09, 2020, Sotheby's London

Artist and designer whose work focuses on performance, behaviour, and the Absurd.

You can read the article online here. Coldplay Meaning, The majority of ant species lack any kind of hierarchy, the myth of the queen as the supreme ruler is complete bullshit. Claim. OP:  Think of it as a “Skype for ant colonies” . Est.

We were looking into something called the Swarm operating system, a fleet of robots that are semi-autonomous, but essentially look after themselves. HFA:  There is a strong element of control in your work, the way you overrule the ants’ natural system and bring in something external that makes them behave differently. … He is keen to further test and develop this methodology, both in his own artistic practice, and as a teaching tool. He tutors in the Interactive Architecture Workshop at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL and contributes photographs to Getty Images. Total Sold Value $7,588,966

The initial testing took place in Barcelona and was successful: we proved that ants can follow a trail of synthesized pheromones, produced in lab and laid out for them by a robotic arm.

Total Sold Value $4,508,104 in the depths of the Amazon. Posted: 2019-12-01.

Ollie Palmer  is in the midst of a PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, from where he also holds a Masters with Distinction in Archietctural Design. This may seem limiting at first, but if we consider how we humans behave in cities, one could also categorise that as unilateral communication through the environment. The last episode of 2012 of #A.I.L – artists in laboratories, the weekly radio programme about art and science i present ResonanceFM, will be broadcast today Tuesday 18th December at 4:00 pm.There will be a repeat on Thursday 20th December at 10:30 pm. The book has been reviewed in Science and We Make Money Not Art, among others. OP:  I generally tend to have four or five projects on the go at once. “Ant Ballet”  is currently in its second stage and forms part of Ollie’s PhD research.

Katya Ganyushina interviewed me last month for an article in Christies Education’s magazine C#12. Interview with Ollie Palmer. Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Wii Iso, It is in a way part of the “Ant Ballet” project, although it might be even closer to an earlier work of mine, the “Godot Machine”  – a device to monitor and control the movements of a single ant. – Sinta Tantra is an artist and independent curator.

He has exhibited at venues including the V&A Museum, Royal Institute of British Architects, Palais de Tokyo, Seoul Museum of Art, and Paris Opera Garnier.

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How did the movie trigger or influence your own work? And I mean this in a very loving way, but you remember the image Ruairi showed you the other day of God as an architect*? As I have the ability to print ant trails, this is like a telephone speaker. Or failing that, Amazon. Spread on the Ant Ballet project. Besides hacking ants’ behavioral systems Ollie also works as part-time tutor in the Interactive Architecture Workshop at Bartlett and as a freelance graphic designer. The funny thing about the ants’ communication is that when you are laying a trail of pheromones, no individual ant knows what the greater picture looks like.

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