Wow that is truly amazing, thanks for sharing. Even after 2 hours of touring it left us unsatisfied. The entire weight of the colossal structure rests on 1,444 pillars. The temple is situated at a distance of 90 kilometres from Udaipur.

While I was touring the Ranakpur temple I saw few devotees crawling under the belly of one of the elephants there. Magnificient architecture! Distance Jodhpur to Ranakpur – 154kms. We did have a very good experience. Ranakpur got its name after the name of the Rajput Monarch and likewise the temples. Food is purely vegetarian, no onions and garlic either, at a much subsidized rate.

I liked the first one most.

Hello Mona. All of the carvings were intricate in detail, portraying people, elephants, flowers, and geometrical patterns.

Currently I’m searching for some of the best hotels in Ranakpur. While heading back to our car, we passed this sign (and I wish I had my photo taken with it, as I was turning 40 the next day). See this toran – the decorative arch carved out from a single stone. Kumbalgarh Fort to Ranakpur – 50kms, Time – 1hr 50mins.

The temple complex is positioned in an isolated valley on the western side of the Aravalli Range. Those are called Pujaris who generally takes care of temple. Cheers and Happy New Year!Regina In Pictures. The legend associated to the building of this temple is that –. Opening Hours:  Ranakpur Temple is open everyday.

The building activities of the Jain community have always been patronised by the Mewar Dynasty. WOW Indrani.

Very beautiful indeed. Stunning pictures of a beautiful place! Time – 2hrs 50mins

I have returned feasting my eyes on it yet I wonder –  was it all true or just a figment of imagination!

Following are the 8 amazing facts about Ranakpur Jain Temple explaining the mystery, architectural details and stunning sculptures.

I was clicking ‘next blog’ and, luckily,stumbled across these pictures!

Mt Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan, a small, forested mountain range which is an oasis in the desert of Rajasthan.

and the bits of information are the icing.

The temple honours Adinath, who was the first Tirthankar of the present half-cycle or 'avasarpi' according to Jain cosmology. 1. We booked a private driver through our hotel in Udaipur, the Hotel Boheda Palace.

Thanks in advance! But even after 50 years only three floors were made, that too was incomplete. The temple therefore is also called Chaturmukh Jain Temple.

Someone had the devotion and taste to committedly do this.

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