For example, the famous UK record producer John Peel got his first radio job at WRR (AM) in Dallas. With you can broadcast live and automate shows for when no one is around. There are no specific qualifications to become a radio presenter. Courses related to acting or voice acting, speaking, or personality development will look pretty good on your CV when applying for a presenter job. Since he started in the industry back in 2003, founder James Mulvany has worked with thousands of presenters and radio stations. Blindly reading off a script can cause problems, like ABC7’s news anchor that read the wrong date. A radio presenter on commercial music radio is not a journalist, and he should not be. Here’s everything you need to know to get on the air in no time. Get the knowledge you need to become a radio presenter with the Great Radio Presenter Course. Some schools have radio stations that allow students to work on the air. At smaller stations, roles may be less specialized, allowing workers to gain broad experience; for example, an entry-level broadcasting position may include working the overnight shift. The BLS noted that radio broadcasters often perform more tasks than just speaking on-air. Landing him around 60 job offers. It is great that today, a lot of things can be learned. Radio Presenters are the voice of the station, they create the tone and style of the station and establish a relationship for listeners. Remember no VAT to pay. You can study anything and still end up in radio, but it helps if you go into the right area. Copyright © Interning can also help prospective broadcasters develop connections in the field and network so that they can obtain an on-air job. Depending on who you contact your approach may differ, so research the station and person first before getting in contact. Both Howard Stern and John Peel have something in common. Qualifications Academic qualifications are not strictly necessary to become a radio presenter but as the career path is becoming increasingly popular, it is advisable to embark on formal qualifications in order to increase employability. However, small, privately owned radio stations don't offer much opportunity for advancement, so it may be necessary to change jobs to move to positions of greater responsibility. A good radio presenter knows how to captivate and engage their audience. Learn how to get into radio of all kinds, learn how to bring your personality to the … While interns will perform tasks such as getting coffee and making copies, they may also screen phone calls, edit promotional clips and write scripts.

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