[9]:89, Several witnesses testified as to Bittaker having shown them pictures of the victims he had retained as keepsakes and which had been found in his motel. [19]:42, Nonetheless, Pitchess also stated that police had also identified 19 of the women depicted in the pictures as being individuals who had been reported missing,[37] and that these teenage girls and young women may well have been murdered,[38] although Pitchess did stress that they had no conclusive evidence to suggest that these additional 19 women photographed had fallen victim to Bittaker and Norris. [32], A search of Bittaker's apartment revealed several Polaroid photographs which were determined as depicting Hall and Gilliam—both of whom had been reported as missing earlier the same year. Synopsis: No, no, no, no, no!' [11]:252, In November 1969, Norris was arrested for his first known sexual offenses: he was charged with both rape and assault with attempt to commit rape. After these two days, Ray slit her throat and dumped her on the side of the road. He told me I was never going to see my family again. For the Toy-Box Killer, see, American serial killers and rapists known as the Tool Box Killers. [43] Within one month of his being charged with murder, Norris had accepted a plea bargain in which he would testify against Bittaker in return for the prosecution agreeing not to seek the death penalty against him. Subscribe. On July 24, 1996, Garrett, after getting into a fight with her then-husband, decided to spend the night playing pool at a local saloon with Jesse. He would never see his adoptive parents again. The pair had then thrown her body into a location at or near the San Dimas Canyon. He then raped and tortured her for two days, keeping her on date-rape drugs the while. Lawrence Bittaker (left), one of the 'Tool Box Killers' who preyed on teenage girls (inset) in California 40 years ago, has died of natural causes, state corrections officials said Monday. [48], The star witness to appear for the prosecution at the trial of Bittaker was Norris,[49] who began his testimony on January 22. [11]:265 At the hearing, Norris waived his Miranda rights before Detective Bynum and Deputy District Attorney Stephen Kay began questioning him, initially in relation to the rape of Robin Robeck, then in relation to the statements given to police by Joseph Jackson and the evidence recovered from his and Bittaker's residences. [27], The bodies of Gilliam and Lamp were thrown over an embankment into the chaparral. Serwis Netflix wspiera zasady Digital Advertising Alliance. [6], While incarcerated, Bittaker filed more than 40 frivolous lawsuits[68] over issues as trivial as his being served a broken cookie and crushed sandwiches by the prison cafeteria, which he cited as an example of his being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. [11]:264 Jackson agreed, and he and his attorney informed the Los Angeles Police Department, who in turn relayed the two men to the Hermosa Beach police. [4]:136, While living with his birth parents at the age of 16, Norris visited the home of a female relative who was in her early twenties and began speaking to her in a sexually suggestive manner. "[11]:255 Bittaker and Norris would nickname this van "Murder Mac". Lets see who the fucking bitch is then. [9]:74–77, Norris's extended family lived within a short distance of his parents' home due to his grandfather's real estate investments. He then claimed Norris had walked Hall into the San Gabriel Mountains, before returning alone and informing Bittaker he had told Hall to "find her own way home."[27]. Upon returning to the van, Bittaker similarly raped the girl in Norris's absence. When he returned, the pair drove to a location farther in the San Gabriel Mountains. An autopsy revealed that, in addition to having been sexually violated, she had died of strangulation after receiving extensive blunt-force trauma to the face, head, breasts, and left elbow, with her olecranon sustaining multiple fractures. [11]:260, Gilliam and Lamp were driven to the San Gabriel Mountains, where they were held captive for almost two days,[11]:260 being bound and gagged between repeated instances of sexual and physical abuse. Bittaker again appealed the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court that he be executed, and was granted a further stay of execution on July 9, 1991. In each instance, Norris brought detectives to the area where he and Bittaker had disposed of their victims' bodies. It is believed that a serial killer who put this amount of effort into his horrifying “Toy Box,” and who killed numerous women over many years, would likely have had a greater number of victims. Bittaker was prescribed anti-psychotic medication. [28]:226[29], Bittaker would later claim the tape recording the pair had created of Ledford's clear abuse and torture offered nothing other than the evidence of a threesome, adding that, towards the very end, Shirley Ledford was screaming for him and Norris to kill her.

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