The chair is responsible for 2 BSc courses a, spoken, all courses make use of Face to Face (F2F) education by lectur, experiments, design exercises or assignments. A prototype for such a search engine over a full course has been developed based on lecture titles, chapter titles, slide data, transcripts, subtitles and speech recognition output. TU Delft is sustaining member of Open Education Global. J. Verberk, W.F. From September 2012 the development has started of three online MSc programmes in Aerospace Engineering, Water Management and Engineering and Policy Analysis respectively. No enrollment or registration. Courses that are being developed into an online format are courses in linear and non-linear modeling using Finite Element Methods, advanced structural analysis, buckling of structures, design and optimization of composite structures and adaptive aerospace structures. We are exited to announce that the theme will be Transforming Education through Open Approaches. Development of a drinking water engineering module However, many issues arise in a large organization when implementing metrics due to the diversity in computer languages, environments, and, Over recent years, government funding for communitybased support programs has increasingly been directed through non-government organisations (NGOs) – with an obligation on them to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of funded programs, rather than just planning and implementing them. It will also highlight some of the philosophical, practical and ethical challenges (faced by the NGOs and by the Centre), how we have approached these, what we have learned in the process and recommendations for future approaches. The principles and practices are illustrated using experiences from The Netherlands. Is not a degree-granting or certicate-granting activity. A selection of courses and research, where health is an important theme, are produced by TU. And how can the risk to life safety and the consequences for the built environment be reduced? Next to that results of the first experiences will be shared as well as the outcomes of student evaluations of the first courses that have ran online. Learn more! Knowledge is your reward. Bridging courses for prospective master students; Introductory bachelor courses for new students (, Reward en pay-off for internal and externa. It is proposed that development of such a model will contribute to better understanding of the organisation of CAD models and facilitate the planning and management of CAD projects. Student-assistants can do most of the hands-on work; A financial incentive for publication should be, Uploading the course documents is not yet possib, The scope of the project should be broadened, both in terms o, Most interviewees found the structure of the website an. The reaction of theschool and teachers communities around Europe and beyond has been very encouragingproviding us with great numbers and a pool of motivated teachers that will assist us in thefurther development of the Go-Lab interventions.Section 2 of this deliverable “Organisation of Go-Lab Pilot activities” represents the aims andgoals of these activities as well as organisation of work within the Go-Lab Consortium.In Section 3 “Pilot Phase A: methodology”, we are looking into the tasks that the selectedPilot Schools were asked to carry out as well as the selection criteria the consortium definedrelated to both schools and teachers. All information and insights have been provided by the PilotSchools and their teachers. The first steps towards an online master in aerospace engineering, EXPANDING THE USABILITY OF RECORDED LECTURES IN WATER MANAGEMENT, RECORDED LECTURES FOR INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM EXCHANGE IN WATERMANAGEMENT, The Future of Delft Open Courseware - How to build a sustainable environment for Open Educational Resources, Issues in the Development and Application of Reuse Metrics in a Corporate Environment, Evaluating community-based programs: challenges and lessons from the front-line, Pilot Sample profile – V1 Dissemination Level Public Status Final, Le « nouveau management public » (ou New Public Management). This was demonstrated in a course at TU Delft with 550 students. water engineering have also started an Open Access jour, In the coming year (2009-2010) the chair of Dr, new tools within the OpenCourseWare framewor, blended delivery mode. Screenshot of website making references to the Delft University OpenCourseWare initiative, Screen shot of starting page of the course CT4471, Screen shot of Collegerama of the course CT4471, Screen shot of assignments of the course CT4471, All figure content in this area was uploaded by Willem Van Valkenburg, All content in this area was uploaded by Willem Van Valkenburg on Jan 19, 2015, year a pilot phase was started. In October 2007, TU Delft (Netherlands) launched it s Open Course Ware website ( and became a member of the world-wide OpenCourseWare consortium ( An OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a free and open digital publication of high quality university‐level educational materials. Future developments for recorded lectures were investigated in an MSc research project in Computer Science at University of Twente. However, the actual number, Of the visitors that entered the Delft OpenCourse, all via Google; this percentage appears to be increasi, The average visitor looks at 4 pages on t. visitors spend more than 10 minutes on the website. A prototype for such a search engine over a full course has been developed based on lecture titles, chapter titles, slide data, transcripts, subtitles and speech recognition output. A large part of these views occurred during the days preceding the exam. This paper presents the options and methods to resolve many of these issues [29]. A large part of these views occurred during the days preceding the exam. The project will both be meant to suppor, joint programs as companies, alumni and s, The rewards for the university are also clear: expa, students and one of the means to support an adeq, OpenCourseWare is also very instrumental in offering courses in a blended mo, (ITB) in Indonesia and International Centre of, Australia have been started to offer course, OCW and lecturers from Delft visit the un. The Dutch drinking water is of high quality and does not contain chlorine, and the Dutch therefore readily drink tap water and do not see the need to buy bottled water or in-house filters, with their drawbacks on national economics, public health and the environment. Essen. This Blackboar, contain pdfs of the presentations and lecture notes, advanced litera, students and lecturers the layout of the OCW pages have been ke, Blackboard pages.

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