The nature of this reality is that law enforcement almost always arrives after a crime has been committed, a victim has been victimized, etc. This massive shift of power from the states to the federal government generated one of the chief objections to the proposed Constitution. But the 2nd Amendment is the one that guarantees all of the others. Locks, bars on windows, and alarm systems are all useful devices to prevent unwanted intruders from making entrance into our homes and places of work. Until then, you can use Writing Rights to explore key historical documents, early drafts and major proposals behind each provision, and discover how the drafters deliberated, agreed and disagreed, on the path to compromise and the final text. May 13, 2020
, The 5 Things You Should Know Before America Recycles Day. One of the most hot-button topics in politics right now is gun control, and any weekly reader of my blog knows that I like to weigh in on hot-button issues. The traditional militia fell into desuetude, and state-based militia organizations were eventually incorporated into the federal military structure. Many times they are launched by celebrities who rally for disarmament while enjoying the protection provided by armed security. Parades can be required to have a permit, the police have broader powers to search pedestrians and motorists than private homes, and sexual intimacy in public places can be completely prohibited. The views The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791, however the National Guard was created by the Militia Act of 1903. However, statistics do not bear that out as a realistic possibility. Check out my patriotic T-shirts and accessories shop here: Young Conservative shirts. Two years later, in McDonald v. City of Chicago (2010), the Court struck down a similar handgun ban at the state level, again by a 5–4 vote. If that’s enough to justify infringements on individual liberty, neither constitutional guarantee means much of anything. googletag.cmd.push(function() { Now, Hong Kong is a great example of why every citizen should have an “assault rifle.” It’s the right tool to fight tyranny and the 2nd Amendment enshrines our right to own one. The people that I am more interested in talking to are those on the fence about firearms. Without it, the government would be free to take away our rights at any moment without fear of consequence. I think it’s pretty important to note that is was the second amendment, coming only after freedom of speech. While we pray that we never have to use it, we are prepared for the worst. An unarmed populace has no protection from a government that can use deadly force against it. certified instructor prior to handling any firearm and be sure to read your owner’s manual. Sure, we need to defend free speech because without it we can’t express ideas (good or bad) openly or criticize the government. So, with that being the case, why on Earth would they be ok with gun control? Many of the original Thirteen States included in their constitutions or in their state ratification conventions provisions or language that upholds a citizen’s right to bear arms to defend oneself and the state. Gun control is as much a part of the Second Amendment as the right to keep and bear arms. Nor is it an “assault weapon.” This is also the point at which I encourage people to be free thinkers. 2020 Sees Estimated 7 Million First-Time Gun Owners! Amendment II (1791) A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The law has also changed. Teach the Constitution in your classroom with nonpartisan resources including videos, lesson plans, podcasts, and more. Just look at what is happening in Hong Kong; when its citizens tried to exercise their human right to free speech, the government responded with violence. The Constitution does not limit or restrict gun ownership, and nor should it. Just because any single person has not experienced a violent crime doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Editor’s Note: This is the seventh entry in our 12-part Armed & Ready series from Richard Nance and Handguns magazine. They disagreed only about whether an armed populace could adequately deter federal oppression. Those who bear arms protect your right to free speech. Hunting, self-defense, and resistance to tyranny are the main ones. And the argument exists that without the 2nd Amendment, all other amendments will eventually cease to exist as well. So, if a government fails to protect its citizens' collective life, liberty, and property, the people have the responsibility to overthrow that government. There is a war against the 2nd Amendment, and the winner will decide the fate of our nation. Of course, his conclusion was that there must be a powerful government to prevent the chaos of the state of nature. To be clear, the call is not to cease use of firearms by the military and police forces but to prohibit ownership by private citizens. The series covers a range of personal defense and CCW topics. I believe the Bill of Rights is an interlinked matrix where one right cannot exist without the others. For millions of Americans the Second Amendment and its guarantee of the right of the individual to bear arms appears irrelevant and practically anachronistic. In today’s deeply divided political climate, it’s not unusual to find ourselves in conversations with people who seem to have completely divergent ideas of what America should be like. The “right of the people” protected by the Second Amendment is an individual right, just like the “right[s] of the people” protected by the First and Fourth Amendments. We want to hear from you in the comments section! But now, while writing about the “why is the 2nd Amendment important” question, I thought it would be a good time to revisit my thoughts on gun control. amzn_assoc_asins = "0062954865,B07X655NPJ,162157945X,B07SH1BCPF"; If you liked this post on the answer to “why is the 2nd Amendment important,” please consider leaving a tip through PayPal or Patreon to help support the site and support a young conservative! Ratified in December 1791, the amendment says: In a recently unearthed piece of research from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we find that about 2 million Americans use guns to defend themselves or their families every year. Heller tentatively suggested a list of “presumptively lawful” regulations, including bans on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, bans on carrying firearms in “sensitive places” such as schools and government buildings, laws restricting the commercial sale of arms, bans on the concealed carry of firearms, and bans on weapons “not typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes.” Many issues remain open, and the lower courts have disagreed with one another about some of them, including important questions involving restrictions on carrying weapons in public. Read The Anti-Federalists Papers. When the founding fathers wrote our constitution, their intention was to protect the citizens of the United States, and all future citizens, from the atrocities they knew governments could commit. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. amzn_assoc_linkid = "9ebe474dd2e77f242606776d1a89ef80"; Interviews shown include politicians blatantly lying about the damage certain firearms can cause. Does every law that gets passed meet with your full approval? Bans on assault weapons have been consistently upheld, as have restrictions on gun magazines that hold more than a minimum number of rounds of ammunition. University Professor at George Mason University University Antonin Scalia School of Law, Professor of Law at University of California Los Angeles Law School. The Second Amendment After the Civil War. This provides a perfect segue into more misinformation that is spouted. It is at this point where we usually encounter the idea that some guns are acceptable, but others are not. History has proven time and again that when the government comes for your guns, they will shortly thereafter come for your life. The coronavirus pandemic has brought about concerns about gun rights. It is also essential that we educate our children on the true meaning and intent of the Second Amendment. Because the 2nd Amendment is the one that guarantees all of the others. views and opinions of Springfield Armory. The argument that usually arises at this point is, “How often does that happen?” The suggestion is that we are being paranoid. and opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the So we need to educate them on this important topic. The Patreon Donation Link. One look at communist China and its censorship of the media is a reminder that we are lucky to live where we do, with the freedoms we do. © 2019 American Gun Association. One judicial approach, however, should be unequivocally rejected. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. In the three months I have been working here so far, I have toured recycle centers, water treatment plants, and given a few tours of my own around campus highlighting its sustainable features. The Second Amendment is in the forefront right now. Second, that the federal government should not have any authority at all to disarm the citizenry. Two teams of leading constitutional scholars—team libertarian and team progressive—present their ideal constitutions. We are encouraging them to let us know that they did this by signing an online pledge to "Recycle Right" on and off campus. A firearm allows me to protect myself from dangers. Firearms have been in use for hundreds of years, but never before in history has there been such a universal call for their removal from society. Such threats might come from usurpers of governmental power, but they might also come from criminals whom the government is unwilling or unable to control. Many in the Founding generation believed that governments are prone to use soldiers to oppress the people. We are ultimately responsible for our personal defense and the defense of loved ones. Yes, I know the Founders didn’t put the amendments in the Bill of Rights in any particular order of importance. Sheldon Proctor says: May 25, 2020 at 12:01 AM I am a business owner, father and a US citizen.

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