A recent edition featured Sammy Davis Jr., Jim Nabors and Mickey Rooney. If you can imagine 10 of this fall's new shows surviving into next September, you need R & R at the funny farm. It's already gotten the ax. Stanley suspects that Arthur is seeing another woman. Bachelor Stanley Belmont (Dom DeLuise) was the custodian of the New York City bus company’s lost-and-found department, but it was his home life and not his job that was the source of most of his problems and aggravations. But recently they seem to be trying to subvert it in time for the Bicentennial. The top dozen shows for the week ending Nov. 4 were: 10.—ABC Tuesday Movie of the Week (“Ordeal”). Olive's foot gets stuck in the toilet tank. Stanley sees the company shrink when insomnia disrupts his life. Husband‐and‐wife lawyers Ken Howard and Blythe Danner know how to love each other, compete with each other, and be witty at the same time. 24 x 30 minute episodes. The series stars Dom DeLuise as bachelor Stanley Belmont who lives with his bossy mother ( Kathleen Freeman ), his sister Olive ( Beverly Sanders ) and … Created by Sam Denoff, Bill Persky, Carl Reiner. 1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (USA) If this entire scenario seems familiar to British readers, that’s because Lotsa Luck was based on the popular UK comedy series, On The Buses, starring Reg Varney (1969 – 1973). In fact, some have already been canceled. The family deals with a windfall after the city pays for moving Dad's grave. Sunday is “The New Perry Mason.” Why? Yes, lawyers started this Republic. One of Stanley’s co-workers, his good friend Bummy (Jack Knight), was the only other regular cast member. The series stars Dom DeLuise as bachelor Stanley Belmont who lives with his bossy mother (Kathleen Freeman), his sister Olive (Beverly Sanders) and her unemployed husband, Arthur (Wynn Irwin).Jack Knight stars as Stanley's best friend, Bummy. Weariness works as an esthetic principle for Samuel Beckett; on TV, however, it's like looking into a mirror; one either smashes the image or dozes, and one is at home in the first place because one doesn't want to hurt oneself. Despite the formidable comic talents of Dom DeLuise, Lotsa Luck failed to attract an audience and the series was cancelled when one full season ended. Stanley's and Bummy's friendship suffers in a battle over a possible talent show prize. “Toma” won't help; combine “Toma” with “Chase,” and you have soybean “Banacek,” and “Bana cek” was barely horseburger in the sirloin league of “Naked City” and “87th Precinct.” If one could forget Johnny Mann, which, alas, one cannot, “NBC Follies” would be the worst variety program ever to have aborted in prime time. He, according to my wife, throws tantrums just like me. How about a series on investigative reporters — like the late‐lamented “Name of the/Game”?). Stanley works at the lost-and-found department of the city bus company, supporting the entire family. If this entire scenario seems familiar to British readers, that’s because Lotsa Luck was based on the popular UK comedy series, On The Buses, starring Reg Varney (1969 – 1973). The one thing Stanley wanted more than anything was a colour TV set, but his little nest egg to realise that dream was constantly being depleted by broken furnaces and water heaters, as well as his mooching relatives. Lotsa Luck is an American sitcom that aired during the 1973–74 television season on the NBC Friday evening schedule. Olive Swann NBC has given up on “Diana,” which seemed to be trying to save itself with sex. Living with him in Brooklyn was his bossy widowed mother, Iris (Kathleen Freeman), his klutzy and near-sighted plain sister Olive (Beverly Sanders), and Olive’s slovenly unemployed husband of seven years, Arthur (Wynn Irwin). The solution? which starred Dom Deluise and directed by Carl Reiner ("The Dick Van Dyke Show",among others),and its theme,which began "I used to buy a pickle,it only used to cost a nickel,and the subway only used to cost a dime...(Lotsa Luck! Lotsa Luck is based on the British London Weekend Television series On the Buses. Wednesday was starting off with “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice,” a club sandwich with as much redeeming social value as athlete's foot. After “Tenafly” comes either “Kojak” (Telly Savalas snarls a lot) or “Love Story” (we are asked to weep a lot; we do; there's a little Swinburne in every swine, and finding it is gratifying—but not to Mr. Nielsen. Kathleen Freeman Despite the formidable comic talents of Dom DeLuise, Lotsa Luck failed to attract an audience and the series was cancelled when one full season ended. Make nice with Arthur. I, according to me, wish all women were as clever and husky‐voiced as Amanda, wore the same stockings, forgave as generously. Jackie Joseph guest-stars. Seldom, in fact, have so many new shows meant so little to so many viewers. Wynn Irwin Lotsa Luck, ran for 22 episodes that aired during the 1973-74 television season on the NBC Friday evening schedule. Monday is “Lotsa Luck” and “Diana.” “Lotsa Luck” is a bad imitation of “All in the Family. EVERYBODY—trade magazines, critics, Mr. Nielsen, the President of the United States, and the dying snake‐leaf plant in my den—seems to agree that the new TV season is a calamity. Arthur and Olive decide to separate... in the same house! If, however, they call each other “Pinky” more than twice an episode, I'll write a palinode in bile. With Dom DeLuise, Kathleen Freeman, Wynn Irwin, Beverly Sanders. The show centers around Stanley's frustration with his lazy, mooching brother-in-law, Arthur, who refuses to get a job, dresses like a slob (usually unshaven and wearing a bathrobe), is constantly smoking and eats like a horse. Really, as we head for the end of the first 13‐week option period, are this year's new shows any worse than last year's new shows? From the top, then. Among last year's new shows, “The Waltons,” “Kung Fu,” “Maude” and “MA'S 'H” all rang Nielsen's chimes; “Banacek,” “Barnaby Jones,” “The Streets of San Francisco,” “Bob Newhart,” “Emergency” and “The Rookies” were at least renewed. Now ease in the clutch and slide down to 36 for “Shaft.” That's three, and that takes care of the top 40. That's two out of all the new network offerings.

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