(4 answers), 5. Not surprisingly, the most popular answers often related to sponge baths! Related Family Feud Questions. Thus the responses about penis size, catheters, and enemas. (6 answers) 4. Other Than Illness, Name An Acceptable Excuse For Missing Work. Here is a list of over 100 playable and funny Family Feud questions. And inside, that nurse advocated for more NHS funding. Fun Family Feud Bible Questions (With Printable) Required fields are marked *, In October 2020 CNN reported on a widely-shared TikTok video in which nurse Cristina Hops expressed outrage at a tweet by Donald Trump urging people not to “be afraid of Covid.” Hops argued that the tweet undermined the efforts of health workers to get the public to take the deadly …, The fourth season of the hospital drama, which aired in summer 2017, still included the competent emergency nurse Kenny. Name A Fictional Character Who Makes Spy Work Look Like A Lot Of Fun. South Dakota c. Colorado d. North Dakota e. New York f. Wyoming g. Oregon h. Louisiana 2. Playing Family Feud. Nurses seem to be mostly good for unskilled comfort and sexual attention. October 2017: In an episode apparently broadcast on October 18, 2017 (we are basing our dates on when the show posted clips on YouTube and other online information), one question was: “Name a place in the hospital a doctor takes a nurse for a romantic examination.”. But “jokes” are often the way negative stereotypes about disempowered groups are expressed, including through harassment directed at group members. The union argues that the CDC has weakened its standards for PPE, that OSHA has likewise failed to act, and that …, In survey questions, the highly-rated syndicated show. November 2017: In the episode broadcast on November 9, Harvey asked one contestant to guess the most popular survey answers to this question: “A beautiful nurse doesn’t look very sexy when she’s holding a what?”. Steve Harvey pretended to be surprised by this and implied that Anthony had been inappropriate, saying, “But on TV, though, just ‘check my groin!’” However, Harvey was clearly playing it for laughs, and he even proceeded to mimic the hand motion. Family Feud is a great game for family and friends of all ages. Start with nurses”, “Patients die because nurses are too busy”, physicians getting credit for nursing work, apparently also: cigarette, heart / body part, cup of whiz / to drink, rectal thermometer (3 each). (4 answers), 9. 1. And the remaining answers are overtly sexual or at least suggestive: making out, a sponge bath, a massage, and even smiling (as in the familiar misogynist street hassle, “smile, baby!”). One contestant correctly guessed that the most common answer was “how little you are,” which the show’s answer board expressed this way. 5 Family Feud Questions for Kids. Why Might Someone Ride Their Bike To Work? (4 answers) Name an activity that might leave you with a sunburn(5 answers), 11. Related Family Feud Questions. Related Family Feud Questions. Name something someone might do to embarass them at Thanksgiving(5 answers), 10. Tell Me Who Was At The Door The Last Time You Pretended Not To Be Home. (4 answers) 4. (6 answers) 3. Next we will suggest some Family Feud topics which will help you create your own questions. We have written one you can send, but please feel welcome to write one of your own above our letter or replace ours. (3 answers), 2. (4 answers), 13. Other Than Illness, Name An Acceptable Excuse For Missing Work. Get the official app! One of the great things about "Family Feud" is that the game itself is almost the same as it was back in the 1970s, though there have been tweaks and game changes over the years. 5.1 Related Posts; The key to a fun game is the selection of Family Feud questions. Related Family Feud Questions. However, for casual viewers, those also don’t present nurses as necessarily have any more skill than lay people, who can have a conversation, tuck people in, and hand over pills. Name something kids play in gym class(5 answers), 14. You could flip on the show today and recognize it instantly, even if it's been decades since the last time you watched. Name A Job In Which You Could Wear Shorts To Work. Name an industry where a worker's strike would be inconvenient(5 answers), 3. Related Articles. Name Something A Drive-Thru Worker Might Forget To Give You That Would Be Annoying. And they contribute to the social disrespect that continues to harm the profession. Please click here to send a letter to Family Feud! May 21, 2018 – The popular syndicated TV game show Family Feud has offered a long series of survey questions that sexualize nurses. And why would only nurses be the ones to titter about unconscious patients during surgery? Now that you’re divided into two teams, stand on opposite sides of the room, facing each other. December 2014: An episode in December 2014 included this question: “Name something a hospital nurse might threaten to do to a misbehaving male patient.”. Harvey’s Family Feud can attract in the range of 10 million viewers. Family Feud seems to have a problem with nursing. Name a place you would hate to get a phone call(5 answers), 13. The families in the US and the UK name “Family Feud” as one of their all-time favorite game shows. But the media is a critical part of that socialization. Related Family Feud Questions. Name a reason why you choose one job over another(5 answers), 8. Name something a boss has that the worker might envy(5 answers), 4. It might have also explained how nurses save lives and addressed potential solutions to the …, Creator Ryan Murphy describes the new show, about the iconic battle-axe nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, as “an imagining of how this monster was created.” We have long feared the series will reinforce the harmful stereotyping of the original, which linked female nursing authority with malevolence. All the answers for your Family Feud questions! So almost two thirds of the men in the survey were happy to oblige the show with the most obvious stereotypical naughty nurse activity, which is presumably what it wanted. On the other hand, survey questions that focus on fears and threats seem to reflect male concerns about females having power over them, especially in intimate areas. We’ve also got a quick, 9 step how-to that you can use to play Family Feud at home from the comfort of your couch. And note the question’s phrasing: “make you feel good.” That sounds less like skilled health care or easing pain, and more like sex or at least recreational activity. MG on May 03, 2017: As a substitute teacher, I really appreciated this games! There is no other way to explain the overwhelming majority responses for “sponge bath” whenever the question introduced the idea of a male patient, with the response rate even higher when “hotness” was specified. Your email address will not be published. Scenarios like these imprint on those viewers the idea that nurses are a degraded sex joke, not college-educated health professionals. Or if your office is small, you can find completed Family Feud surveys online. The show asks contestants to guess the top responses to survey questions it previously posed to 100 people. Get our Magic: The Gathering App! How to Play: Friday afternoons can be a stressful time, so take one off this month and start a Family Feud! If Your Work Wanted People To Stick Around The Office More, What Should They Bring In? Name A Holiday That Most People Don’t Get Off From Work. Family Feud Info. For every completed board, a team will receive one point. name something you … (4 answers), 14. Questions With Points ->   3 Answers   4 Answers   5 Answers   6 Answers   7 Answers, Questions No Points ->   3 Answers   4 Answers   5 Answers   6 Answers   7 Answers, 1. Divide the office into two teams. Tell Me An Excuse For Not Going To Work That No One Really Believes(4 answers), 10. One contestant guessed giving him a catheter, ha ha, but that was not actually among the top responses. Today, the question as stated by show host Steve Harvey was: “A beautiful nurse doesn’t look very sexy when she’s holding a what?” Other recent examples include: “Name a place in the hospital a doctor takes a nurse for a romantic examination” (2017); “Name something hospital nurses might fight over doing to a hot male patient” (2016); “We talked to a hundred men, if you were a hospital patient, what would you rather have a female nurse do for you than a male nurse?” (2015); and “Name something a hospital nurse might threaten to do to a misbehaving male patient” (2014).

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